What's Happening in room 5?

Quarter 3

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that we are already half way through our school year! I am excited to tell you about our two field trips planned for this spring! We will be going to First Colonial High School on Friday, April 29 to see Cinderella. This is exciting for me because I went to FCHS and I was in drama and my teacher, Mrs. Curtis is still teaching there! On May 18 we will be going to the Children's Museum in Portsmouth. I will need a lot of chaperones for the second field trip. Students have been asking about field trips for a long time.

Current skills and areas of study:


Unit 6- Money, Time and Calendar

Continue to practice counting coin values at home.

We are telling time to the hour and half hour.

We are reading calendars and using calendar language.

Identify number of days in a week, months on a year, minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute...


Reading for comprehension

Retelling sequence

Identifying main characters and setting and main events

Reading fluency

Identifying fiction and nonfiction


Writing in complete sentences.

Correct spelling of word wall words and word study words.

Writing a paragraph on a given topic including a topic sentence, details and a closing sentence.

Written responses to stories we have read.

Social Studies:

Past, Present and Future

Famous Americans


Seasons- Winter

Patterns in nature