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What ancient civilization is it going to be this week?

Ancient Civilization of the Week

This week we are going to be telling you all about the ancient Egyptian dress code. Schools from Iowa say they have been learning about ancient Egypt, so we decided to have our next article of the week on it. Ancient Egypt's dress code might have a little different dress code than other ancient civilizations we have told you about. Enjoy!

The Ancient Egyptian Dress Code


The ancient Egyptians usually dressed light, so there was a lot of nakedness. No one wore under clothes, so you could often see their bodies through their clothes. Most of the clothes were made out of linen. Men wore simple wrap around skirts with their chest bare or had a light cloak over their shoulders. Women wore long dresses. On formal occasions, men and women wore longer and more elaborate outfits. The farmers wore very few clothes and the town people dressed up more.


The ancient Egyptians usually wore sandals. They usually wore reed shoes or leather shoes. The Egyptians who couldn't afford shoes went barefoot.


The ancient Egyptians wore different kinds of jewelry. They usually wore it to please their gods. The Egyptians wore jewelry everyday. The middle class wore beaded jewelry and the upper classes wore jewelry made out of valuable stones. They wore necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and plenty more. The jewelry you wore usually showed how rich you were.