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How can stimulated seizures help?

Most of the time, epilepsy is treated with medication. However, when drug treatments fail, surgery is usually carried out. For surgery to be successful, physicians need to be able to pinpoint where seizure activity originates from and record how the seizure spreads and affects the patient.

This typically involves hospitalization and observation for an extended period, typically at around two weeks, but stimulated seizures can speed up this process and improve surgical outcomes.

Are you an epilepsy survivor and 18 or older? Do you live in Georgia?

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Angels of Epilepsy is looking for adults with epilepsy who live in Georgia to participant in a self-management program called Project UPLIFT. The program is telephone-based and teaches people with epilepsy skills to manage and improve their mental health and quality of life.

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MUSKEGON – Family and education are top priorities in the Mitchelson household. It’s a Reeths-Puffer home, as Tim and Janie are both alumni, they’re educators in the district, and their children attend or have attended school there.

The Mitchelsons love to compete, too. That includes Chinese Checkers, which has been a hobby of choice in recent months during the days of stay-at-home orders and social distancing.

Kaleb Mitchelson’s game is basketball and he’s invested a great deal in it. He’s hoping it pays off with an opportunity to play the sport collegiately. The Reeths-Puffer rising senior and under-the-radar prospect has faced adversity along the way, too, being diagnosed with epilepsy six years ago and more recently losing out on exposure to college coaches because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Article by: Scott DeCamp


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We greatly appreciate everyone that participated in our recent yoga and meditation

session on September 1st!

There were epilepsy and mental health survivors and caregivers that participated

to learn techniques that have been proven to increase attentiveness,

reduce stress, enhance mood, and improve overall well-being.

There will be more sessions coming soon!

Subscribe to #AOENEWS to get your invitation

Thanks to Ayanna Simone with Zennia for instructing this great session that we all enjoyed!

By: Stacey Chillemi

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You can live life around supportive friends and family, individuals who are there for you no matter how busy their lives may be. You feel their love and you receive their ongoing support, however, living life with an invisible disorder can feel like a “life of loneliness.”

Despite all the support, all the love you may receive’ life with limitations, pain, and suffering can be very draining and depressing. Many people with invisible illnesses walk around hiding the pain they feel inside both emotionally and physically.


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Cucumber Greek Salad


  • 2 Cucumbers

  • 2 tsp Oregano, dried
  • 1/2 Red onions
  • 4 Roma tomatoes


  • 1 Black olives, pitted and sliced
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Lemon juice

Baking & Spices

  • 1 Salt and pepper

Oils & Vinegars

  • 1/4 cup Olive oil


  • 1/2 cup Feta cheese
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