The basics of the game

Backstory on the game developement and some secret hidden features

By Morgan Kneale


The characters in Undertale all have diffrent personalties and diffrent ways you meet them. For example, you meet alphys and mettaton togather while you meet asgore alone. Also, another example is you meet sans and papyrus and you meet undyne alone. The are sevral characters that show up in the game but they dont seem to make a diffrence but sometimes they do.
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Flowey is the first character you meet in the underground. He is seemling happy and welcoming, but once you accept his happyness to you. He takes a very dark turn. Not much is known about this flower besides that he is evil and cruel.

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Toriel is a goat that is very caring and loving. When she comes to the player she seems harmless bwcause she is! Throughout the ruins she seems to very care about you and wants you to be happy. No matter how caring she is, Toriel will try and stop you from leaving the ruins.

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I drew this picture of sans myself :)


Sans is a skeletion that is very HUMOROUS and likes to make puns and pranks. You find him while walking outside the ruins door and he comes up to you with a woopie cusion in his hand and says "Human dont you know how to greet a new friend? Turn around and shake my hand". Throughout the game you find him in sevral diffrent places for example, he appers in hotland outside MTT resourt and in importent places. He is the older brother of Papyrus and knows more than you think. He has one attack one defense (this is a lie he is more powerful than you think)
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Papyrus is the younger brother of sans. He is very strong in battle even though some may say he is super easy to beat. Undyne trains him and papyrus loves to cook and his dream is to be capatin of the royal guard. Papyrus is very nice and offtion calls you "human" insted of your name you chose. For example, if the human name is lily, insted of papyrus calling you lilly he calls you human. Attack 8 Defense 2
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Undyne is a fish that is strong, determined, very cool and is Captain of the royal guard. She secretly likes anime wich no one knows and she is training papyrus for the royal guard. Undyne is very detrermined to fight you and she appers many times in waterfall. For example, when you go to a dark room at the end of the room is an echo flower. A ecco flower is a flower that is found oftin in waterfall say somthing to it then it will repeat it for ever until you say somthing new to it then it will say that. The echo flower says behind you... and when you turn around there is undyne at the entrance of the room. Attack 7 Defense 0.
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Alphys is the royal scintist. She is sochaly awkward, for example, when she calls you to guide you through hotland she signed you up for the Undernet and she does sevral status updates like "im gonna do it Im gonna call the human! Also, stuff like i have had my claw over the last digest for the last five minutes.. ._.".
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Mettaton is an entertainment robot built by Alphys. He is the star of the underground and evreyone seems to like him and is very deciated to his fans. For example, he appers sevral times in hotland and one way or another he always will refrance his fans. One thing mettaton says when you trick him is "curse you human and Dr. Alphys! But i dont curse my 9 current veiwers!" Mettaton always seems to be on also on tv. For example, when you go into papyrus house if you go look at the tv papyrus says oh! Yes thats my favroite show mtt!" Also, sometimes near puzzles you see monsters that always talk about mettaton. For example, one monster says "I love it when everything seems to be going wrong but he does this dramatic pose I love it!" EX mode attack 8 defense 1
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Asgore is king of the monsters in the underground. After you leave hotland you go through asgores castle and meet asgore in the throne room. Most people love asgore. They say he is a great guy and is a very good leader. But toriel says in the begininning of the game "if you continue king asgore dreammur will kill you and take your soul. Attack 80 defense 80


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It’s the first location you start at when you first fall into the underground. Its pretty small as Toriel says later at the end of the ruins stage. You fall into a patch of yellow buttercups flowers (Wip)

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After you leave the ruins you go through a forest and past some puzzles and you find the snow town of snowdin. Its sans and papyrus home town it includes grillbys a bar, a shop , a libray and sans and papyrus house and some houses.

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After you leave snowdin and the events that are in it. You will go into waterfall. A marsh that is warm and is full of plant life and water. It has several locations including Undynes house, Napstablooks house, the trash dump and the secret hidden easter egg tem village.

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After you leave waterfall and all the events in there you go into hotland. It’s a big area that has lava and is the biggest of all of the locations where you adventure through. While going through hotland you find your self with mettaton who is pop star of the underground and is an entertainment robot you encounter several times over the course of your journey through hotland .

for example, he always references his viewers that are watching you on the tv.

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Asgores castle

After you leave hotland and all the events that are in there. You go into asgores castle where more of the backstory of the first human fell is reveled as you journey though one part of the castle. There are several parts of the castle including asgores home, the room where they keep the coffins with the human souls, the judgement hall and the throne room. Most people would nessarly say they don’t like the judgement hall not because of the name, but because of some events that take place there later on in your game plays.


In undertale you can take several different routes, they include passive route where you become friends with everyone and spare everything! That means no killing. Normal route, not befriending everyone or killing a monster, for example, you cant gain any LVL wich stands for Level of Violence which sans refers to later in the game even if you kill one monster and your LVL grows to level two you have to do the normal route and you have to do a true reset in order to get the true ending. Last but not least the is the genocide route. Where you kill everyone and everything. No matter what route you take someone will be waiting for you at the end no matter if its someone you all ready knew to someone you knew since the beginning and you think you know everything about them.

Passive route

Most people prefer this route its happy and they get to enjoy the company of there favorite characters to the sweet ending THAT GIVES YOU FEELS AND MAKES YOU CRY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY AND HOLD BACK THE TEARS!!! It is the longest running gameplay and with the most events and the easiest for battles. You don’t kill anyone but that wont stop you from needing to fight monsters to progress into the game. For example, you need to fight undyne then after you beat her well (run from her a few million times) you need to go to her house where papyrus is in order to friend undyne

Normal route

In undertale this is middle road, you get this route by not befriending all the characters or by killing a single monster. By killing a single monster it can trigger you to the normal route, if you let your Lvl increase you should reset because once you save there is no going back. So i suggest if you accdently kill a monster, you should exit the game imeaditly and start up the game again and press continue.

Genoscide route

In undertale, the genoucide route is the shortest of the routes and the hardest, its the most sad to. You start the game like any other run but there is a twist, you have to kill evrey single monster there is. At the start of the ruins when you run to a monster kill it, dont hesitate if you even spare one monster your will need to exit the game and press continue if you have not saved yet. If you saved you need to do a true reset. At the end of the route you get introduced to the first human.
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