Egypt and its history.

Mercedes Fisher

Visit every place.

And have a wonderful time in Egypt,everyone.

Enjoy the time you have in Egypt.

This is Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut is / or was the First Lady

Pharaoh in Egypt.

This is King Tut and Queen Hatshepsut

These are Egyptian words

Egyptian words are very different

from words today.

Egyptian sculpture

This is an Egyptian sculpture from

millions of years ago.

Egypt food

This is what they ate.Egyptians ate bread,beans,

onions,fish,green vegetables,and beef but not much

beef because it was very expensive.

Here's a picture of an onion.

Major cites of Egypt

There is Cara,El Hamra, Siwa Oasis, Abu Minaar,El Qasr,

Mut.Baris,Kharga,and many many more.

Types of transportation in Egypt

There was walking boats chariots sledges

donkeys camels and shipping and what they

used for that was rafts boats and ships and that was

the main transportation.

Facts about Egypt's government