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January 30th, 2015 Newsletter

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Chris's Corner

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I am ready to get off to a great start in 2015, I know all of you are too, Intec technicians are proving it based on the compliance numbers reported below for the first month of the year. We are off to the best start in Intec history. Keep it going!

Last month, the Chris’ Corner theme was Technician Compliance. This month, I want to talk a little about Management Compliance, and its importance. That’s a little more complicated and harder to quantify.

Intec Management is responsible for 3 main things:
1. Keeping the client satisfied.

2. Keeping each system profitable.

3. Managing and directing staff to meet those 2 objectives.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and very generic; the objectives of most companies are the same. The objective is to always be better at those 3 objectives than the competition. Most of the time we are, and we are getting better.

Some examples of Management compliance are: making each tech goes through a 52 week safety program, and having a sign in sheet for each attending. It’s because OSHA requires it, and it keeps our employee’s safe. Chargeback’s are a nightmare. The Management team is tasked with reducing those to 0. The days of great profit margins are gone, they went away in about 2009. We are charged for every QC fail, SOI, missed time frame, ETA compliance, it goes on and on; we are charged the job + $50. When we check the GPS for speed violations, it's because our insurance rates require it, and helps identify those that need reminders to be safe. When the management requires accurate gas logs, it’s because the Government requires it for tax purposes. When paperwork is being scrutinized for accuracy, it’s because our client, the corporate office, and the government require it. Responsibilities are distributed with these and many additional goals in mind. Having enough qualified manpower, our Clients need it. It's how we survive, and thrive, as a company.

I am visiting each system over the next month following up and ensuring our Management teams are in compliance with the company objectives. New policies may be implemented. Keep an open mind, always do your best, and if needed always ask for clarification. The Intec Management team will give it. The following was the direction given to the Director’s in our Management meeting:

Organizational Health Requirements

  • Build a Cohesive Leadership Team – dysfunction and a lack of cohesion at the top will inevitably lead to a lack of health throughout.

  • Create Clarity- is about creating so much clarity that there is as little room as possible for confusion, disorder, and infighting to set in.

  • Over Communicate Clarity-Once a leadership team has established clarity, over-communicate answers. Employees won’t believe what leaders are communicating until they’ve heard it 7 times. Employees are skeptical until they hear it consistently over time. It may be 3, 5, or 7 times, be consistent and keep repeating.

  • Reinforce Clarity- Every policy, every program; every activity should be designed to remind employees what is really most important, daily, weekly, and monthly.

And I will close this months’ corner with a few motivational management quotes to ponder…

“What get’s measured get’s managed”

- Peter Drucker

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way”

- Abraham Lincoln

“You don’t manage people; you manage things. You lead people”

- Admiral Grace Hooper

Company Wide Metric Numbers

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Intec Communications, LLC - Employee Spotlight

In the spotlight this month is a technician working in the Chicago Market:

Israel Reyes

This technician's display of outstanding customer service was recently brought to the attention of the Corporate Management team.

A Comcast Quality Control Manager writes:

Yesterday, I had a Comcast repair service visit from one of your technicians, Israel. There have been three service calls previously to solve a problem with my X-1 service, both internet and TV. Israel stayed on the problem for 5 hours until he solved both problems. It was New Year’s Eve and he had plans with his family to go to dinner but did not want to leave until he tried every possible fix. He solved the problem that four others could not find. He should be acknowledged for his expertise and willingness to serve the customer.

Israel, the Intec Management team would like to thank you for upholding Intec's standards for excellent customer service. Please continue to be an example for all Intec employee's and we look forward to the many success stories to come.

Gary Dorsey

A Comcast Quality Control Manager writes:

I spoke to customer Mr. Ron, he had nothing but good things to say about Gary, who did his install yesterday. He said Gary was very professional, answered all his questions and was very knowledgeable of our products and services. Gary took the time to explain everything in detail.

With me out in the field doing Q.C’s and face to face with our customers, these are the things we like to hear. Thank you Gary. Great Job.

Gary, the Intec Management team would like to thank you for upholding Intec's standards for excellent customer service. Please continue to be an example for all Intec employee's and we look forward to the many success stories to come.

Terrance Durden

A Very Satisfied Customer Writes:

Hi my name is Michael I live in Houston, TX, we recently had Intec do an install at our new home and I'm sending this because the technician went way beyound what I would expect a tech to do. He stayed late to complete the job and did not give up when we had no signal. His name is Terrance Durden, you have a great employee there at Intec. Terrance, thanks for all your persistence, you did a great job.

Terrance, the Intec Management team would like to thank you for upholding Intec's standards for excellent customer service. Please continue to be an example for all Intec employee's and we look forward to the many success stories to come.

Meet the Chicago Office Staff!


Back Row (L - R)

Floyd Hammonds, Bryan Hildebrand, Don Melka

Middle Row (L - R)

Anthony Tazelaar, David Kramer

Front Row (L - R)

Kim King, Lorissa Ball, John Wong

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January 2015 Employee Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating the following employees with January Anniversaries:

Edward Redd 1 Year with the Atlanta Team

Martez Hardy 1 Year with the Chicago Team

Charles Gaither 1 Year with the Atlanta Team

Dwayne McKenzie 1 Year with the Atlanta Team

Symon Culbreath 1 Year with the Atlanta Team

Richard Smith 1 Year with the Chicago Team

Ramon Rocha 1 Year with the Big South Team

Patricia Reeser 1 Year with the Big South Team

Chris Polkey 2 Years with Big South Team

Juan Garcia Jr 3 Years with Houston Team

Thank you for your countless hours of hard work and loyalty to Intec!

On the Job Story...

A Houston Technician Casey Gordon was at a tap surrounded by bushes. He heard something rattling about a foot away and discovered he had a friend in the bushes with him (see photo to the left).

Casey thank you for going beyond your job description, and making the Customer & us all feel a little Safer!

Rim Urniezius January 2015 Employee of the Month!

Intec Communications, LLC is proud to announce Rim Urniezius Tech Number 180 as January 2015 Employee of the month.

Donnie Mader, Directore of Operations Big South writes:

Rim has not failed a KPI number in over 6 months in Mobile. His completion ratio is usually over 90% week over week completing well over 100 installs each month. He has demonstrated time and time again the type of technician that INTEC wants to have with our company. He always goes above and beyond with each and every customer to ensure a pleasurable experience. He is our go to guy in Mobile when a special install or project comes up. He also helps several techs understand how and why certain things work in this system and how to better achieve their KPI also.

Rim is an invaluable technician to this market and deserves to be recognized for his outstanding work ethic and loyalty to INTEC.

Rim, on behalf of the entire Intec family we would like to thank you and congratulate you on receiving this award. Your proven hard work and dedication to Intec is invaluable, and you truly embody the characteristics of Intec Employee of the Month.

A look Inside Intec's 2015 Directors Meeting

The SHOCKING Truth about Electricity Safety

Electricity is essential to modern life, both at home and on the job. Our Employees work with electricity directly and indirectly. Because it has become such a familiar part of our daily life, many of us don't give much thought to how much our work depends on a reliable source of electricity.

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard, exposing employees to electric shock, electrocution, burns, fires, and explosions. But, we tend to overlook the hazards electricity poses and fail to treat it with the respect it deserves.

What causes shocks?
Electricity travels in closed circuits, normally through a conductor. But sometimes a person's body -- an efficient conductor of electricity -- mistakenly becomes part of the electric circuit. This can cause an electrical shock. Shocks occur when a person's body completes the current path with:

  • Both wires of an electric circuit
  • One wire of an energized circuit and the ground
  • A metal part that accidentally becomes energized due, for example, to a break in its insulation
  • Another " conductor" that is carrying a current

When a person receives a shock, electricity flows between parts of the body or through the body to a ground or the earth.

What work practices help protect you against electrical hazards?
Electrical accidents are largely preventable through safe work practices. Examples of these practices include the following:

  • Unplug all electric equipment when not in use
  • Don’t Overload sockets
  • Keep water away from electronics
  • Keep electric tools properly maintained
  • Exercise extreme caution when working near energized lines
  • Keep your eye on the condition of wires, plugs, and sockets
  • Use appropriate protective equipment
  • Watch out for Lightning!

Why do people sometimes "freeze" when they are shocked?
When a person receives an electrical shock, sometimes the electrical stimulation causes the muscles to contract. This " freezing" effect makes the person unable to pull free of the circuit. It is extremely dangerous because it increases the length of exposure to electricity and because the current causes blisters, which reduce the body's resistance and increases the current.

The longer the exposure, the greater the risk of serious injury. Longer exposures at even relatively low voltages can be just as dangerous as short exposures at higher voltages. Low voltage does not imply low hazard.

In addition to muscle contractions that cause " freezing," electrical shocks also can cause involuntary muscle reactions. These reactions can result in a wide range of other injuries from collisions or falls, including bruises, bone fractures, and even death.

If a person is " frozen" to a live electrical contact, shut off the current immediately. If this is not possible, use boards, poles, or sticks made of wood or any other nonconducting materials and safely push or pull the person away from the contact. It's important to act quickly, but remember to protect yourself as well from electrocution or shock.

Employee of the Month

The purpose of Intec’s Employee of the Month program is to honor outstanding Intec employees who embody Intec’s standards for excellence and go above and beyond their job description.

What employee of the month looks like:

  • This individual’s efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievements of others.
  • This employee is punctual and dependable.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, and customers, and services as a role model for others.
  • Commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, and is an asset to Intec Communications.
  • A willingness to exercise leadership, take initiative, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond the regular job assignments for the good of the company as a whole.

Please submit your nominations for Employee of the Month by completing the form below. The winner will be included in the next newsletter.

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