European Union country project

Date joined the European Union

Latvia joined the European Union on May 1st 2004.

Was Latvia founder of the EU?

Latvia wasn't one of the EU founder.

Where is it located?

Borderd Countries

Latvia is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

Capital and 4 main cities.

Riga is the capital and the 4 major countries are daugavpilis, Vec-Liepāja, liepāja and jelgava.

The currency is

The currency of Latvia is lats?

Type of government

Latvia has parliamentary republic.

3 interesting facts

- over 50% of Latvia is covered in forest

- Latvia made the coolest gadget in the 20th century

- Latvia doesn't have any gold or diamond mines

Geography of Latvia

Latvia has a lot of famous enough rivers which were used for trade.

Tourism; what attracts people to Latvia?

Freedom monument is the most biggest attraction. People go there because in her hands there are 3 stars representing regions of Latvia.

Flag history

Latvia's flag has been like this from year 1279 so it could be a oldest national flag.
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History of Latvia

Latvia was once part of Russia.