Millie And Rowan

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Along time ago Native Americans lived in Maine. They ate berries, meat and fish and they used furs for t-pees and wove sticks and clothing. Men hunted while women would sew, weave and grow crops. The native Americans ate shellfish and threw the shells in piles. Meanwhile the British were sending explores on boats to the USA. The French formed colonies and England sent colonists. Before long they had started to build houses. The British wanted Maine. Boat builders were angry so they had a sea battle in the Revolutionary War. It began in 1775 and ended in 1783. The USA won Maine and it became the 23 state in 1820.

Fun Facts

Most lobsters are from Maine, their lobsters are fresh from the coast, there's also clams for clam lovers. Every year they have a lobster\clam festival, you can do a lot like lobster boat racing, or wrestling in a pit full of mashed potatoes. What about a wild blueberry festival? There is a blueberry pie eating contest. Crannberries, oats, hay, vegetables, and other things are grown from local farms.


There is trolly museum in Maine and there are over 200 old cars! Visitors can ride in some of them. There's also a historical light house and there are historical villages too. Even the nations museum is there along with a timeline museum. So many really neat museums to visit!



Maine looks like a thumb. It is the first state to see the sun. It is the farthest North. People call Maine the pine tree state because of it's beautiful pine trees. It has small rivers flowing through it. Did you know only one state borders Maine? The rest is the Atlantic Ocean. The summers are cool and the winters are freezing.