Tarheels Newsletter

February 19, 2016

Upcoming Dates/Events/Information

  • Permission forms and informational letters were sent home yesterday about the 7th Grade Carowinds field trip. This trip will not be until May 13th and the cost is $40.00 which can be paid in 2 installments if you would prefer. Please read the letter that was sent home concerning this trip and further details.
  • The Band and the Drama Club continue to sell candy for the price $1.00 for the next few weeks. Please consider sending in a dollar to purchase a bar in an effort to show support.
  • The Drama Club will be performing a play on the evening of March 11th. More details as we near that date.

Items needed


Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week students received their assignments for their argumentative research paper. We will be working on finding reliable, credible sources, citing these sources and organizing our argument for the next few weeks.

Students have Article of the Week #4 to complete over the weekend. These articles can be used and cited for sources on this paper as well.


Students reviewed Ch. 9 (geometric figures, lines, points, planes, and various types of angles). We also took the Ch. 9 test. We will continue our geometry unit working with Triangles and Ch. 10. Many students have not been completing their homework even with the extra day. Grades will reflect the lack of effort. Please encourage them to review classwork and homework nightly.

Social Studies

We have finally wrapped up the Reformation with a Jeopardy Review game. The students have loved playing against each other! Many laughs, and a whole lot of learning! The students were given an Exploration Vocabulary list, and flash cards were started in class. B day students will have the first ten word quiz on Monday, 22nd. A day students will have those words on Tuesday, 23rd. The final eleven words will happen on Wed and TH respectively. The students were also given a PreTest to see what they know, and what may be new information. It will be a completion grade. We will then get the correct answers, and the students will have at least two weeks before they will see the same information (different order) for a huge unit PostTest. Please review words and concepts with your student. Help them 'chunk' it. I will be bringing in spices (whole cloves, ground cloves, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon sticks, curry, star anise, bay leaves, etc.) for the students to see and taste. If your student has an allergy to any of these spices, PLEASE let me know asap......and if it is ingestion or airborne. Thank you!! I want their experience to be positive!!


Students are starting a unit on genetics. I have asked them to compare their traits to those of other family members (widows peak, cleft chin, detached earlobes, etc.).

Also, information came home with your child this week about Energy Kits. Please order an Energy Kit and link your order to JFMS; the zip code for the school is 28658. For every 75 kits we order, the school is entered in a drawing for 10,000.00. Please help us meet our goal.

My Energy Kit

We need your help! This year, our school is participating in a program from Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children called The Convservation Crew. Through this program, our families and staff can request Free Energy Kits from Duke Energy that contain items to save energy at home (and save money on your electric bill).

If 75 families at our school sign up for a Free kit, we'll automatically win $250 for our school's science department and we'll be entered into a grand prize drawing for $10,000!

Sign up for your kit in one of two ways:




Thank you for signing up for your FREE kit and crediting our school!