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The State of Athletics

As we complete our first week of virtual learningl the Athletics office is beginning to field more calls and emails in regards to the start of Athletic programs for the 2020-21 school year. We want to be clear with all parties: the Athletics Department sincerely hopes and believes we will participate in athletic events this year. Please read all of the detailed information below as we begin to move forward through next stages of athletics.

The BIG question: Will we play?

Yes, we believe we will play.

We ask everyone involved to be patient, prepared, and ready for change. In order to participate in high school athletics we do believe there will be restrictions on various parts of games/practices. As we continue to develop and plan our athletic programs we will communicate the information via social media, pioneer gram, google classroom, emails and our booster programs. State and County guidelines will continue to drive our decision-making.

When will we start to practice?

According to your academic schedule, sports are not scheduled to begin as a class until November 3rd. Depending on where our county stands with COVID-19 the class will be either virtual or in person. In the event students are allowed back on site before November 3rd for school, the athletics office will work with coaches and adminstration to begin on site, in person conditioning & practice.

This does NOT mean you as an athlete should not work out on your own or with your family. All athletes need to run, eat a healthy diet, and participate in some sort of weight training program. It is important for you to know this is NOT a time to miss out on keeping your body physically active. Begin to train now! If you don’t know what you should be doing or need a work out plan contact the head coach of your program.

COVID-19 County Information

Specific to Ventura County Health Agency

Clearing to participate in Athletics

When in person conditioning & practices are allowed all athletes will be able to participate if you have registered and cleared on for the 2020-21 school year. In past years we did not require the athletic packet to be turned into the athletics office until we were closer to the start of your season. Because of COVID, there are forms that need to be completed before you practice. No athlete will be allowed to practice until you are cleared.

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Information on Athletic Registration

This page will provide detailed information clearing to play in an SVHS athletic program

Athletic Registration Questions

I believe I already turned in my forms & cleared for 2020-21. How do I check to make sure I am cleared?

Log onto on your home screen you should be able to see the year (2020-21), sport, and status should state “cleared”. If it does not state "cleared" you have not completed all forms (listed above) for the school year.

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I play multiple sports & only cleared for one sport, what do I need to do to clear for my second sport?

Please print and sign a confirmation form for the sport you are NOT cleared for and email the signed form to the athletics office OR select an appointment time to drop off in the athletics office.

My physical hasn't expired yet, can I use my 2019-20 physical for the 2020-21 school year?

Physicals are good for one calendar year. You may use your physical from last year, however, you will need to turn in an updated physical before the other expires. You will also need to turn in all other forms for the 2020-21 school year and into the office directly. When you drop off the paperwork indicate to the staff your physical is still good from last year. If the physical is in good standing, we will make a copy for you and add it to your packet, which will complete your clearance.

I am not able to get a physical with my regular doctor, what do I do?

There are many urgent cares that are able to assist you in completing your physical. One provider listed below
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I finished my packet and I am ready to turn it in to the Athletics office. How do I turn it in?

We ask that all parties physically turn the packet into the athletics office with an appointment. This way any issues with the packet can be resolved quickly and face to face. To adhere to our district and county guidelines the athletics office set up an appointment center to assit with social distancing practices. Please select an appointment and come to the ASB office during your designated time.

Appointment Center | Athletics Office

Appointments for dropping off athletic items (physical packet, driver forms, etc.)

CIF is the governing body who determines athletic rules, regulations and season of sports. CIF released an updated version of athletic seasons to provide athletes the best chance of participating in sports this year. The seasons look drastically different. Below are the calendars for the two seasons this year.

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Points of Interest

  • Athletes can participate in multiple sports at the same time. This, in itself will be a challenge. Please note, CIF rules state that athletes can not practice or play more than 18 hours per week (Monday-Saturday). Games count as 3 hours of the week.

  • Athletes can participate in high school and club sports at the same time, which is not normally allowed.

  • As a school we can not enforce club play however, high school athletes can only practice and play 18 hours a week. All games count as 3 hours (regardless of how long or short the games/meet/matches/events are) and the 18 hours are in total, not for each sport.

Multiple Sport Athlete | Survey

If you intend to participate in MORE THAN ONE SPORT (HS and/or club) this year please complete the survey to assist the Athletics Department in navigating and communicating potential conflicts.

Thank you, Go Pioneers!

Thank you for reading this lengthy newsletter. Be sure to get in touch with your head coach if you have specific sport questions!
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