Makiya Cannon

A little about me


I am a varsity cheerleader! I like to doodle and do DIY crafts. I'm addicted to the show Heros. I can kill hours on Netflix watching it.

Family Info

I live with a single mom, Jessica Cannon, who works at BOSCO. My sister Kaela is 10 going into the fourth grade and brother Gunnar is 7 going into the second. I love them to death but I hate them both.

I am 17 years old and a senior in high school.


I want to be an esthetition and own my own salon.

My last summer in high school

This past summer I went to Tennessee to visit my friend Katelyn who moved from here freshman year. I stayed for 9 days and had an awesome time. We went to downtown Nashville one night, so pretty! Other than that I just hung out with friends and went to cheer practices. We had a cheer competition and made it to state!

Activities and stuff.

As I've mentioned, I'm on the cheer squad. I'm taking a childcare class so I'm automatically in FCCLA but I don't actually participate. I was on the dance team freshman year. I'm not very athletic, I am awful at any sport involving a ball.

SUPER FUN FACTS that aren't that fun.

I hate gory movies, but bring on the demons and killer dolls. I pick the tomatoes and pickles off my hamburgers, I don't like anything spicy. I love garlic though, I am Italian. I have 4 bestfriends. My favorite colors are pink and yellow. My favorite animal is a wolf. I could go all day so I'll stop.