Owl Babies

Once there was a mother owl and three cute baby owls named Sarah, Percy and Bill. They lived in a snuggly, nice nest in the bush. It was made out of leaves and feathers and hard sticks. Suddenly, they woke up and their mother owl was gone. “Maybe she was eaten”, said Percy. “I want my mummy”, said Bill. They went outside. Sarah got a big branch. Percy got a little branch. Bill got a bit of old ivy. Sarah said, “Let’s all sit on my branch” and they did. They waited and watched. They closed their eyes and wished their mother would come- and she did! The baby owls went into their nest. “What’s wrong?” said mother owl, “Why were you scared? You knew I would come back.” “I knew that you would come back”, said Sarah. “Me too”, said Percy. “I love my mummy”, said Bill.

By Year 1

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