Forest Management

Forester Kate Kelly

What are the most common? What is the crop tree?

The most common trees I have are Spruce and Beech.

The Spruce trees are spread out all over my forest. And the majority of the Beech trees are found more to the west. The crop trees of my forest are Oak trees (both Red and White).


Both White Oak and Red Oak will be harvested in my forest for timber. At home I have a wood stove and cutting my own wood would be much more efficient and costly. Plus selling our wood is a good income. Over the next 30-50 years a good plan is to manage my forest for firewood from the Oak trees. To do this I will need to clear smaller trees and undergrowth. There are a lot of small Spruce trees in my forest and they are competing for sunlight and resources. If I clear these trees, undergrowth and thin trees around the large “mother” trees, then it will be easier to harvest for Oak. The Oak trees produce acorns and shelter. About every 15 years I will cut no more than 35% of my harvest trees. This will make sure that the wildlife in my forest can still live but I can harvest these trees. We will not be able to rely solely on our wood but a good portion of our firewood will come from what we have produced and the other portion of our income will go into savings.

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Got information from Billy Kelly and Mr. Saulnier

Photographed all pictures from my forest