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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Summer Term 2 - Issue 2

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A word from Mr Broom.

It's been another exciting week at school. We've had lots of teacher training including:

THRIVE - Miss Mackay/Miss Allen-Warren have been out learning about the THRIVE approach to learning. This places a great emphasis on individual wellbeing and how that affects learning.

Read, Write, Inc. - Miss Smith, Miss Horner, Miss Ball & Mrs Weights have attended this really important training on how young children learn to read and how this then impacts on their learning going forward.

Compass Buzz - We all began our training on Mental Health on Monday, working with the NYCC team on children's mental health.

It's also been a very successful week too. Our musical production of 'Schools Will Rock You' is certainly gathering pace and the children are doing so well to learn the complex songs and storyline. Tickets for the performance will be on sale next week with priority given to those parents in year 6 and year 5.

Also, we became the local schools dodgeball champions, leaving the tournament on Thursday, undefeated!

Most importantly, our KS1 assessments are in and they're extremely positive. A well done to all the children and the hard-working team of staff who wrap around them.

Finally, we're having a PE challenge day (details below) on Monday. This means everyone will need to wear their PE kit to school! Exciting times!

Our Star Achievers this Week

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Excellent KS1 Results

As mentioned in my notes above, we have lots to celebrate in school. Mrs Butterfield and myself sat down with the KS1 results on Friday and I am extremely please with the outcomes:

Reading - 77% of our children met the expected standard (an 11% increase on last year). This is the highest attainment score in the last three years, is above the national average for all primary schools, completely turning around the trend of downward spiralling achievement.

Writing - 70% of our children met the expected standard (6% higher than last year). This is in-line with national averages for all primary schools and yet again, bucks the trend.

Maths - 70% of our children met the expected standard (a 10% increase on last year). This is the highest mathematics attainment score in the last three years and turns around the trend again.

Our biggest success comes when comparing the number of children achieving the expected standard in all three subjects. Last year, only 31% (compared to 61% nationally) achieved the expected standard in all three subjects (Reading, Writing & Maths). This year, 67% made this achievement. That's a 31% increase and testament to the hard work of all the children and the highly effective team of adults who work with them.

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Lunch Menu - Change of Menu

We always like to ask our Year 6 children what they would like for their final days with us on 29th June and Year 6 have chosen pizza, chips & mixed salad with a chocolate cornflake pudding. I think I might just join them!

PE Challenge Day

Continuing our strive to develop healthy sports in our young children, we are holding a PE challenge day on 18th June 2018. The day will involve all children taking part in a range of sports.

For further information about the sort of events on the day, click here.

Nut Allergy Information

We have a number of children in school who suffer from severe allergic reactions to nuts; so much so that even an open packet releasing airborne particles could result in quite nasty outcomes. Please support us in safeguarding these children by making sure that your children do not bring items of food into school that contain nuts. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Our KS1 Trip to Filey

Nursery Applications for September 2018

Just a quick note to let you know we will be allocating places for our Nursery session for September 2018 very shortly. If you would like a place, please contact the school office.

Children On-Site Too Early

We've noticed that since we returned this term, there has been a small number of children arriving on the school premises before 0815. It is important that children do not come on to site until 0830 so that we can ensure their safety. Thank you for your support on this.

Car Park Notice

We've noticed that some parents are using the school car park for dropping off and picking up children. Please help us to keep our children safe by making sure you don't use the car park for this purpose. If you see anyone doing so, please let me know. Thank you.

Dates for Your Diary Section

As well as our regularly updated calendar available on our website, here are a list of dates that you may wish to add to your diary, following some great feedback from our readers.

19/06/18 - Nursery and Reception Sports Morning

19/06/18 - Nursery New Starters (Sept 2018) Information Evening (more details later)

20/06/18 - Summer Disco

21/06/18 - Year 1 visit to Sherburn Library

27/06/18 - School Will Rock You - Y6 Production (1330 & 1900)

28/06/18 - Nursery visit to Sherburn Library

29/06/18 - Y6 Leavers' Lunch

02/07/18 - Childminders' meeting

03/07/18 - Special Lunch for parents of Y1 children (more details later)

11/07/18 - School Summer Fair (1700 - 1900)

20/07/18 - Break up for Summer holidays


It's important that children attend school regularly and at Sherburn Hungate we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. Fact!

Congratulations to our Year 3 children who are our attendance champions in school this week with 98.4%!

Our average attendance this week is 95.4%. Slowly creeping back towards the national average expectancy.

We have a small number of children whose attendance is well below the national expectations. These children are known as persistently absent when their attendance falls below 90%. I will be making telephone calls to parents of these children.

Thank you for your continued support with our attendance drive. It is really appreciated.

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Wider School Community Items

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Train to Teach with STAR Alliance

Ever thought about become a teacher and making a difference to the lives of so many young people? Read on...

The STAR Alliance (Sherburn, Tadcaster & Rural Teaching School Alliance) are offering places for the 2018-19 academic year through the teach direct route, in association with Hull University. If you would like to know more, call in for a chat or click the link below for further information.

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Sherburn-in-Elmet Lions Club

I met with the Elmet Lions Club recently to talk about how they could support our school and how our school could become involved in their community work.

If Elmet Lions is something you would like to get involved in, please email Ann at

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