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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 5-23 through 5-27-16

Eight More Days to Make a Difference!

There are eight days remaining of student attendance this year. That means we have eight more days to make a positive difference. This is a stressful and overwhelming time of year for everyone. Especially for some of our students. For many, school is their safe place and the closing of the year brings them closer to uncertainty. That's when we see more and more behaviors that are not in alignment with our expectations. Let's be sensitive and do all we can to make the ending of the year a CELEBRATION for EVERYONE!

Dr. Laredo will be visiting over the next eight days. There are many new names and faces to learn so if you see him in the building be sure to say "hello" and introduce yourself.

We have more EOY MAP testing coming in and it looks great! Click the link to share in the Kudos. I will continue to add the list as we finish up testing. Fantastic job! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tbKHSKTM4Yw7HkQ0-HQvk7jisFwE-SBNZYMYH4-ure8/edit?ts=573642d5

Thank you for doing a great job of keeping up with the end of year deadlines. It seems like there is no way to get it all done and then June 3rd arrives. Somehow, every year...it gets done. Just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are moving at lightening speed toward it.

You will notice that Team PDH and Team Planning are not on the bulletin. Please use the time to work on end of year activities.

Ok, this last statement has been in the bulletin since the beginning of the year. So...here we go again :-) Lastly, remember that "unknown" district personnel will enter the building using doors other than the main entrance. They will see how much of the building they can access before being addressed by staff and escorted to the main office. We got this!

Thanks everyone and let's have a great week!

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

Please send your funnies my way!


Jill for doing an amazing job with parent communication and always seeing the positives. Carla for pulling off a phenomenal talent show. Our kids ROCK!!

What's Happening?!

5/23 - LPACs

5/25 - Mentor/Mentee Mtg 3:15 pm

5/25 - Plano Rotary Citizen of the Year Banquet

5/26 - SBIC 3:15 pm

5/27 - PDH (PPPA Documentation)

Pride's Schedule

On campus all week! Sort of...I have a few mid-day meetings throughout the week.

Happy Birthday

5/26 - Helen