Albert Bandura

By Holly Crandell

The Basics

  • Date of birth: December 4, 1925.

  • was raised in Canada

  • He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1949

  • He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa

  • President of the APA.

His Theory

Bandura believed that children learned from observation and social interaction.

  • Attention

    Anything that distracts your attention you will not learn but if what you are learning is interesting then it will be easier

  • Retention:

    the ability to pull up information and also act on it is key.

  • Reproduction:

    practice the behavior repeatedly

  • Motivation:

    motivation to imitate the behavior that has been modeled by being punished or rewarded.

The Bobo Doll test

He made a video where an adult was shown beating up a doll and using aggressive language. The film was then shown to a group of children. Afterwards, the children were allowed to play in a room that held the doll. Kids who had seen the video with the violence were more likely to beat the doll because of intimation. This is the video.
Bandura's Bobo Doll Experiment

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