Carl Deuker

Enjoy the little things

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Brent Miller

Jack Taylor

Melissa Watts

Trevor Watts

Fat Man- Charles


The setting takes place in a couple of places Shilshole Marina, Blue Note, Lincoln High school, The Tiny Dancer.


Author: Carl duker

Adapted by :me

Directed by :me

Chance: John Travoltra

Brent: Jack Nicholson

Jack Taylor: Paul Walker

Melissa: Bruce Jenner

Trevor: Liam Nelson

Fat guy: Donald Trump


This would make a good movie because it has very good use of imagery. It also shows in detail each point of view especially of chance. The book is very suspenseful and pulls you in. The book also makes you very attached to all the characters and helps you feel what they feel. In the book a boy named chance gets a job working for a fat guy delivering drugs after awhile chance finds outs what he is delivering and try's to stop. Watch the movie to find out if he can get out of his terrible job or if he will be punished for it.