Important Information

Eighth Graders-- Take Note!

  • You should be practicing your presentation around now.
  • We need to know its content and length to make sure that timing is right and that the order is varied enough to keep people interested.
  • Schedule an appointment with me in the week of May 9th. All appointments should be scheduled by May 6th.
  • At your appointment, you will give me a demonstration of your presentation!


I hear that there are lots of digital and trifold displays being prepared, as well as some 3d models and some written works.

If your work is digital, please include some kind of (neatly) written overview of what people should look for when they are at the computer.

See me if you need any help!

Plan to bring in display material by May 18th.


On Thursday, May 19th, we will present in 2nd through 4th periods (8:30-10:45) and in the afternoon, after school.

From 2:30-3:30, we will be in the library.

It would be great to have a few families offer to bring in snacks/refreshments for this time.

Let me know if you're able to do so!