by: Nathan Hekel


this is my research presentation on ancient greece

the beginnings of ancient greece

ancient greece started between 1900 to 1600 bc. they absorbed some of the aegean culture. they called themselfs hellenes. they started off as simple nomadic herdsman. they started to head west and found a peninsula.

various types of goverment

there third goverment was called tyranny. the tyranny wanted absolute power they tried to get it from promising people things. the tyrant were the stepping stones to democracy. in 621bc the first laws were written.

slavery in ancient greece

two fifths of the population were slaves. slave labor produced much of the wealth. if a slave was well educated he or she could craft. Athenian slaves could obtain freedom.


this is what i learned about the three topics i picked about ancient greece my favorite was the slavery because it tells what slavery was like way back when ancient civalization was still alive


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