Martin's Memos

September 8, 2017

What a Week!

It has been such an exhilarating start to the school year! I am so excited that the new Avondale GT program is officially up-and-running! I truly had so much fun getting to know the students this week; they all have such dynamic personalities and I feel so blessed that you are letting me get to know them and teach them this year.

Each Friday I will be sending out a newsletter. It will contain highlights of this week and things to look forward to for next week. Please read through the information and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

-Ms. Kate Martin

Pictures of the Week


  • What is science inquiry all about? The students learned about inquiry and used their process skills to measure using common science tools.

  • What are the reading thinking stems? The students learned about the basic thinking stems they can use when reading.

  • Pre-assessments: Math, writing

  • Writing volume, stamina, and fluency

  • We ESCAPED the room!!! (Ask your child about it!)

  • Classroom procedures, school procedures, and much more!

It's Updated! Check it Out!

New updates are as follows:

  • Class Information -> Weekly Lessons & Homework...Check out the "Parent/Student Lesson Sketch". This is a great resource for finding out a quick summary of what we did in class that day. It will also have some links for presentations when possible. This is a great first place to go if your child is absent.
  • Class Information -> Class Schedule
  • Class Information -> Class Procedures... The Student Handbook is linked here.
  • Class Information -> Wish List... These are items that we'd LOVE to have donated if you have them laying around the house!

Wish List

For the student prize bin:
  • colorful pencils
  • colorful erasers
  • small trinkets
  • small notebooks
  • anything else small/fun/healthy

For the classroom/teacher:
  • Colorful copy paper
  • Sticky notes, sticky notes, sticky notes!
  • Expo Markers/Erasers
  • Books from Scholastic teacher wish list. (, class code R3CHK)
  • Save up your used DRYER SHEETS! We use them as erasers on our class white boards.

Looking Forward to Next Week & Beyond

  • Narrative writing!

  • More thinking stems when reading!

  • Math workshop begins!

  • Readers workshop begins!

  • More process skills and the engineering design process!

  • Student website portfolios!

  • The Scholastic Book Fair has arrived!!! Located in the Media Center, students can bring money and visit during designated times in the day.....OR.....go to and enter our class code: R3CHK
  • Curriculum night: Tuesday September 12. Grades 1-3 @ 6:30-7:10. Specials @ 7:10-7:30. Grades 4-5 & GT @ 7:30-8:10.
  • Volunteers! I will be contacting you soon via email to arrange schedules for helpers in the classroom.

Quick Reminders

  • Please check your child's agenda nightly by initialing under "Parent Signature". I will also initial it in the morning to confirm they have written the correct information down.
  • NEW DISMISSAL PROCEDURE STARTS MONDAY! Parents should stand outside the main entrance. To the left of the main entrance is a blue door, which is the emergency exit of Ms. Gierman's room. We will dismiss all pick-up students in the GT program from that door to help expedite dismissal. Ms. Gierman or I will open the door between 3:35-3:37, and as long as a parent/designated adult is present they can leave with you. Please do not knock on the door; a teacher will open it when it is dismissal time. If you have a child at Woodland in another grade, you will still need to go into the building for the regular pick-up procedures to get them after that.
  • Don't forget to also check out the Woodland Website! It has important forms, Principal newsletters, PTO information, and P.B.I.S information.
  • Friday Folders: I am NOT sending them home today since there isn't anything to include in it! Next Friday, however, you can be on the lookout for a dark green folder. Take out all the papers and your child should return it on Monday.
  • Group Emails: If you have noticed that I have left anyone (another parent, for example) off my group email list, please let me know their email address and I will add them!

Genius Hour = Enrichment Time!

We will be using our enrichment time at the end of the day for a variety of things such as building our website portfolio, team-building, character education, and what many call "Genius Hour" or "20% time". Watch the video below to find out more!