Kendra Linne

Life in the Sunshine State: Kendra Linne

Kendra Linne has enjoyed living in Florida for almost twenty years. As a resident of the northwest area of the state, Kendra Linne does not have quite the same living conditions as people who live in Miami or along the east coast of the state. For example, the area of Crestview, where Kendra Linne lives, is the highest elevation in the entire state. Most people think of Florida as being completely flat, swampy or flat along the ocean.

Crestview is 235 feet above sea level and almost receives the most rainfall in the entire state. It is also an area that has the coldest temperatures in the entire state. Kendra Linne always enjoys the cold days (which are not that cold compared to winters in the Northeast US) because she does like seasons. Kendra Linne definitely enjoys the hot, humid weather the most, and since the summer lasts from April to October, she gets plenty of it.

In addition to the diverse weather in Crestview, Kendra Linne really likes the atmosphere of the small city. It is fairly laid-back as most southern cities and towns are, but not completely slow-moving. Kendra Linne thinks this is due to the large military influence in the area. There are thousands of people living in the area that are literally from all over the United States. This definitely gives the city some life and diversity amongst its natives. Kendra Linne has no plans of leaving this area of Florida as she is far too fond of the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

Seeing the Middle East: Kendra Linne

Kendra Linne certainly knew that being deployed to the Middle East was going to happen at some point. After September 11th, almost all individuals on active duty were awaiting their opportunity to participate in the conflict. Kendra Linne had gone through the physical and psychological training easily and awaited her orders. When they eventually came, Kendra Linne felt quite nervous but she was ready to go.

Kendra Linne landed at the Bagram Air Base, which is jointly operated by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army. The base had been the center of conflict from 1999-2001 when the Northern Alliance and the Taliban fought for control. Finally the British Special Forces took control of the base and since December 2001, it has been under the control of the U.S. military. Kendra Linne examined the area from above and saw a huge complex of barracks, hospitals, stores and restaurants. She was amazed at how the base was like a miniature city within this desert.

Kendra Linne’s unit had short break after landing at the base to get acclimated. The temperatures outside were unbelievably high and there were frequent dust storms that particular day. Some of her colleagues who had been there for a few weeks said she would get used to it all. Kendra Linne thought that would be impossible, but soon enough she knew just how to handle the weather, the environment and everything that was expected of her. In fact, Kendra Linne quickly developed a routine of exercising, working, taking classes and spending time with her colleagues on the base.

Kendra Linne Stays Fit as a Runner

Kendra Linne did not always love to run. In fact, there were days that she dreaded it and skipped her work out all together because of how much she did not want to do it. However, something interesting began to happen when Kendra Linne skipped those work outs. She felt off the rest of the day, as if she forgot to brush her teeth or put on deodorant. Once she realized how important it was to her, she rarely skips a day now.

Kendra Linne felt an increase in her immune system after she began running five days a week. No longer was she plagued with a cold or flu when it seemed everyone around her was suffering. She also saw immediately that she lost the few extra pounds that she always struggled with. Kendra Linne was also pleased to note that she could eat or drink a few extra calories now without guilt. Her morning run would take care of most anything she did the day before.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, when Kendra Linne feels depressed, a run immediately cheers her up. Physiologically, the brain does secrete hormones immediately after you begin running that improve your mood. Over time, a runner becomes almost dependent on this boost each day. Kendra Linne is one of those people and truly uses it as her therapy each day. If something is bothering her or she is feeling down, she knows that after her run she will have clarity and perhaps a solution to the issue at hand.

Kendra Linne Receives Recognition

Kendra Linne has received two major accolades in her military career. She received both in 2009 after her service in Afghanistan. First she received the Bronze Star Medal for Exceptional Meritorious Service and next she received was an Air Medal for Aerial Delivery Operations. Kendra Linne was so proud of receiving these medals as she felt that she truly earned them.

When she arrived in Afghanistan, the logistics were in need of review and re-organization. Upon the appointment of her superior, Kendra Linne was able to take hold of the operations and get everything in order. It was an intimidating task to take on as the air force base was massive and the communications were not perfect. In addition, there was the fact that actual combat was still taking place so everything and everyone was on high alert at all times. Kendra Linne handled her job as a professional. She had to remain flexible as things could change in an instant, but she stayed focused on her overall goals.

Kendra Linne believes that those medals were given to her not just because of her participation but also because of the excellence she displayed. She also realizes that she could not have been so successful if it had not been for her officers or her staff. Kendra Linne received unending support from her colleagues and saw this at every angle while in Afghanistan. If there was ever a doubt in her mind about dedicating her life to the military, it was truly gone after this experience

Strong Leadership Skills Kendra Linne

As a Supply Systems Technician in the U.S. Army, Kendra Linne has to exhibit strong leadership skills on a daily basis. She is responsible for leading her team to successfully fulfill orders, conduct inventory audits, and deal with equipment returns for many U.S. Army bases. Kendra Linne needs her team to accomplish all of this with a few hiccups as possible. In order to build this team, Kendra Linne has learned to be an expert in learning her team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Once she has learned their individual strengths, she works with each individual to build upon them.

Kendra Linne has led her team in streamlining procedures to save the military thousands of dollars in overhead costs. Her methods are now being replicated in other facets of the military because of how extraordinarily efficient they are. Kendra Linne never takes this recognition without mentioning her team of professionals as her support. However, it is clear that she builds the team through her strong leadership.

Anyone who has worked with Kendra Linne will say that she immediately makes you feel important and highlights what you do well. Inevitably, you want to work hard for her because it seems so genuine. In addition, Kendra Linne creates a non-competitive environment within the team. This is important because being in the military in general is quite competitive. So, for anyone who is designated to work with her can feel free to do what they do best rather than be scrutinized if they do anything poorly.

Kendra Linne Studies Transportation and Logistics Management

When Kendra Linne decided it was a good time to start her undergraduate education, she was happy to see that she could major in what she loved and what she was already doing. Through the American Public University System, Kendra Linne began researching the programs available via the American Military University. After hashing out the details with an advisor, Kendra Linne was enrolled in the Transportation and Logistics Management program.

The flexibility of the courses given by the American Military University is truly the selling point. Kendra Linne knew there would be times that she would be deployed or in serious training. The online classes were a saving grace as she could not always be on a campus, sitting in a classroom. The majority of her instructors were either still active or retired, so they more than understood the student’s other obligations.

Kendra Linne graduated with her degree in three years. She immediately received a pay increase as it is directly related to her service as an active duty military personnel. She felt very accomplished as she enjoyed her classes and felt that what she learned would really positively affect her job performance. How many degree programs do that in the civilian world?

Kendra Linne has since returned to American Military University and is pursuing her master’s degree in the same subject area. She will most likely complete the program later on this year. Sometimes she cannot believe that she will earn this degree as someone who did not see herself as a serious student.

Kendra Linne Enjoys the Emerald Coast and Blackwater River State Park

Kendra Linne admits that she was more than excited to be stationed at Eglin Air Force Base when she found out its proximity to the Emerald Coast, the nickname given to the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Kendra Linne began driving out to Fort Walton Beach whenever she had the opportunity. When she had a day off, she would happily pack up her beach stuff, her running shoes and head over to the beach.

Since she grew up on the East Coast and has always lived near water, Kendra Linne thinks that is why she is so drawn to it. However, the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico are nothing like the usual Atlantic Ocean beach in the Northeast. The sands are beautiful and white, the water is crystal blue and the temperature is pretty much just right all the time. Kendra Linne does all of her meditating while at the beach and comes back refreshed and rejuvenated.

Kendra Linne also enjoys visiting nearby Blackwater River State Park. She loves to rent a kayak and explore the river. Kendra Linne has seen alligators, river otters, herons, and turkeys while kayaking in the park. Again, these day trips to the state park are very therapeutic for her and calming after the stress of her job and everyday life. Kendra Linne always recommends this park to new arrivals to Florida and to her colleagues when they are looking for a quick getaway. It is one of those places that is overlooked because it is so close by

Kendra Linne: Jumping Out of a Plane

When Kendra Linne called home to tell her parents she would be jumping out of a plane, there was silence on the other end of the receiver. Her parents knew they had raised a bit of a daredevil, but did not expect for her to choose this route in her military career. Kendra Linne was gushing with excitement as she explained how many jumps she would need to complete before earning her master parachutist recognition.

After the initial shock wore off, her parents, mainly her mother, were able to ask her intelligent questions about the duty. Kendra Linne’s father was beaming with pride as he told anyone who would listen about what his daughter would be doing. An ex-military man himself, he knew what it meant to be in a unique division. In addition, Kendra Linne would be competing in a mostly male-dominated field which made it even more exciting.

Kendra Linne still recalls the first jump as being the most exciting moment in her life. She had aced all of her training and was more than ready for the jump. However, Kendra Linne felt her mind almost go blank and her body was on autopilot as she awaited her turn. Only the words of her officer were in her ear as she threw herself into the blue sky. Kendra Linne’s mind started working again as the air hit her, and she started taking in the fact that she was actually flying above the earth. When it was time to activate her parachute, Kendra Linne found herself screaming with joy at her accomplishment.

Kendra Linne: Military Professional

Kendra Linne is not quite sure when it happened, but it was a number of years ago when she became much more than an enlisted member of the U.S. Army. Perhaps it was after completing her first four years and staying on to pursue her career. Possibly it was when she began her undergraduate and then graduate degree programs. Kendra Linne is clearly a military professional who takes her job and responsibilities seriously.

As a military professional, Kendra Linne is often mentoring young enlisted soldiers on what their future plans are after finishing their four years. Many of them are confused and not at all sure what they want to do. Kendra Linne always recommends a military career especially for those who may not have a family or small children awaiting their return. She realizes that sometimes that complicates things or makes it difficult to constantly move around when your post is changed.

Kendra Linne has found that the benefits of her life as a military professional have far outweighed the risks. She was most certainly worried about her time spent overseas and realizes that this could happen to her again. However, Kendra Linne still feels that she has gained so much and has been able to lead a quality life due to her career choice. She sees the struggles of her family and friends with losing their jobs, the erratic housing market and the rising cost of education. Kendra Linne has truly coasted through these issues because of her commitment and career in the military.