A world of stars that have cancer..

by Makayla Anderson

The title of the book is "The Fault in Our Stars". The author is John Green. It was published by The Penguin Group. The publish date is January 10,2012. It has 318 pages in it.

character description

The main character is Hazel. Hazel has thyroid cancer and she has to pull around an oxygen tank because the thyroid cancer attacked her lungs. Another character is Augustus and he has a little touch of osteosarcoma a year and a half before. His leg had to be amputated. The next character is Hazel’s Mom. The last character is Patrick and he is the leader of the support group.

plot summary

The book is about a girl who has thyroid cancer and goes to a support group to talk about it and she makes a lot of new friends. It starts out talking about how if you read a book, website, or whatever it talks about the side effects of cancer and there is always depression listed and depression is a side effect of dying. Also how almost everything is a side effect of dying. Her mom decided she needed treatment and so her mom took her see her regular doctor Jim. Also it talked about she has to have an oxygen tank with her.


The conflict is that Hazel has cancer. Also she is depressed. Her mom signed her up to go to a support group. Hazel doesn’t want to go to the support group. Also she has to pull around an oxygen tank.

title explanation

The reason for the title is because Hazel is scared that she is going to die. She goes to a support group. At the support group they talk about what happened. They also talk about how their treatment is going. They talk about how long it they have had their cancer. Another good book title would be "Life As You Know It" because it is talking about life as you know it.
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book review

I loved the book. It was a wonderful book. I could really imagine what was happening in the book. The feel of Hazel having cancer just makes me sad and it is heart breaking thinking of people maybe dying is not the best thought. There is nothing he could change to make the book better. It is an amazing book.

the girl who inspired the book

the book was inspired by Esther Earl. A girl who has cancer and has to pull around an oxygen tank just like how Hazel does.