Get a "Fic" Today!

By: Nadin Younes

Hey There Moms! Have you ever wanted a personal machine? One to make anything you want just for you? Well then, Fic is the right product for you!

What does Fic like look?

Fic is like a personal robot. It is always wearing a personalized apron. You will only find cooking tools built in one hand, like a whisk, a knife, a spoon, etc. and some sewing tools in the other hand in this product! Also, has a built-in oven right in the stomach! Perfect for cooking, sewing, or making anything anywhere on the go!

What does Fic do?

Fic will help you in anything you need help on, or it will just make anything you want it to. It will make food, clothes, scrapbooks and more! It has over 3000 designs and over 5000 recipes! So if you want the best working machine there is, you should buy a Fic! Don't be the only one without one!

How did Fic start out?

Fic grew up around all different types of people who knew how to make all sorts of things. Fic was a very precocious child. He learned how to make anything and everything at only two years old. Fic was taught how to make food, clothes, furniture, and more. He then decided to become a machine to help everyone with anything they need. That's how Fic became the #1 leading machine in the U.S.!