Math Project

By Noe Garza P.6

Story Problem Solving by Min and Max

To start off I I'm trying to find what T is so I put it into the equation (x=-b/2a) from ax^2+bx+c so i put it in as x=30/10 and I got x to be 3 so i plugged it in as -5(3)^2+30(3)+10 I solved it and got 145 for the max.

Story Problem Solving by Finding Zeros

To start i factored out 16 and got the problem to be -t^2+6t+7 then I put it into the T chart and tried to find multiplied to be -7 and added up to be a +6. Those number were (7 and -1) I plugged those numbers into my equation and the new equation was (-t^2+7t)(-1t+7) then I factored out a t from the first parentheses and a positive 1 from the second parentheses and got the final answer to be (t+1)(-t+7) then set them both equal to zero and the answers were t=-1 and t=-7

Solving Complex Numbers