Roger Sherman

Basic Info.

Delegate’s name: Roger Sherman

Delegate’s state: Connecticut

Delegate’s Profession:

Age: 66

Signed the constitution

Professional Info.

Professional Achievements: He was a lawyer and politician as well as a founding father of the United States. What did your delegate do to help America gain independence (other than be a delegate) ? He served on the Committee of Five which helped to draft the Declaration of Independence. Was your delegate's profession(s) useful for creating a constitution? Yes his profession(s) were useful to him.

Constituitional contribution

Constitutional Contribution: What ideas did your delegate come up/agree with? He came up with the proposal of the Great Compromise, when there was a deadlock at the convention. Why was your delegate chosen as a representative? Many reasons, he had a distinguished judicial and political career, held the offices of justice of the peace and county

judge, associate judge of the Connecticut Superior Court. He was a leader in the community, he also wrote a caveat against injustice.

State Information

State Information; why would your delegate's state want independence? They believed that government had no legal justification to enforce laws or levy taxes on americans, it was a isolationist state it operated without much need from other states. What was your delegates main exports? one main exports was the West Indies. How would the Constitution benefit your delegate and/or state? By helping to solve economic problems both national and state levels, as well as helping with borrowing or the issuance of paper currency. How could your delegate make the constitution benefit their state? By helping to codify Connecticut's statutory laws.


Extra; One unusual fact about your delegate's; An unusual fact about Roger Sherman was that he the only person to sign all five of the documents that formed the U.S. which include: The Articles of Association, The Olive Branch, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, and The Constitution of the U.S. One unusual fact about your delegate's state; One unusual fact about New Haven,Connecticut is that it was by Dutch navigators after 1614 and the sperm whale is the state animal