Spotlight on K/1

Learning through literature

Books! Books! And more books!

We have read many great books this term. These books inspired lots of fabulous artwork, creative writing and talking and listening. This is Milliarnna sharing some special news about an artwork created by a family friend.

Are We There Yet?

After reading "Are we there yet?" by Alison Lester we created artworks inspired by illustrations in the text. In the book Grace's family visits the outback and see X-Ray art on their tour of Kakadu. X-Ray art shows what is found inside an animal, for example internal organs and skeleton. They also saw boab trees when they camped at Windjana Gorge. Her brother, Luke, thought they looked like up-side down trees. They travelled through many different landscapes on their journey around Australia.

Patterns of Australia

We looked closely at Bronwyn Bancroft's patterned pictures of beautiful Australian landscapes and wildlife in her book "Patterns of Australia". We created our own desert landscape using a similar painting technique and we wrote some wonderful stories about the ocean.

Patterns of the Desert artwork by Oliver

I like the patterns of the ocean. The fish are very slimy. The turtle has a hard shell. The octopus is very slimy. The electric fish stings when it's frightened. The stingray stings too. The fish's scales look beautiful. The animals look fantastic. Noah

I see a shark in the water looking for prey. I can see the beautiful colour of the waves. I can see the snail slithering across the sand. I can see the turtle flapping their flippers. I can see the starfish is stuck to the rock. I can see heaps of animals. Lennox

The starfish is on a rock. The fish is swimming. The seahorse is swimming. Alex

A sea horse swam past me and a shark nearly bit the seahorse. The sea urchin is floating in the sea and the squid is going to find food. Alyce


Our Book Week text was "Shrek!" by William Steig. Most of us, including Miss Allen, didn't even know that Shrek was a book before it was a movie. We completed a Venn Diagram to help us think about the similarities and differences between the book and the movie. Mika's venn is pictured here.

We also wrote about what Shrek might have done after he married the ugly princess (besides living horribly ever after!).

Shrek got married with the hideous princess. After Shrek got married they went to Shrek's swamp. They ate fish all day and all night and they got full. Tia

After Shrek married the hideous princess the princess had a baby. It was a girl. It was as hideous as it's parents and they loved it. Olivine

After Shrek married the ugly princess they walked to school. Mr Witchard rang the lockdown bell and Shrek sat in the reading pods. He was really heavy and he broke it. Amelia

After Shrek married the hideous princess he went to his swamp. His smelly socks made the fish come up and the ugly princess and Shrek ate them after they cooked them. The next night they went for a walk and they lived horribly ever after scaring everybody. Keane