TITIAN: A Great Renaissance Artist

By Sean Proulx

The life of Titian

Titian was a very busy artist, creating many great atrworks such Assumstion of a Virgin, the ages of man, An Allegory of prudence and many other great artworks. He was born in the Dolomite Village Cadore. He spent most of his life in Veince, Italy training in the Ventian workshop of Gentile.

Explanation of Assumstion of A Virgin

The painting is of christ's ascension. The mother mary is in heaven looking for christ but he is not here for he is back on earth. Titian uses dark and light colors to contrast Important part of the painting.

some of his art work

Video on Titians first masterpiece "The Flight into Egypt"

Titian's Early Portraits | Titian's First Masterpiece: The Flight into Egypt | National Gallery

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