Mrs. Walldorf's Classroom News

September Newsletter

Off to a Great Start!

I have enjoyed getting to know your students and watching us begin to "gel" as a group. When your students come in the classroom, they are doing a super job at getting unpacked, looking up the two science words of the day, and then being ready to begin our science class. We have been exploring our new online science techbook, Discovery Education. It is going to be an amazing supplement to our curriculum! More about what we are doing in science below.

They have quickly caught on to the routines of fifth grade and the days are just flying by!


So far, we have learned about weather instruments and how we use them to help us predict the weather. (Weather is a big part of science in fifth grade and we will spend more time learning about weather in the future). We are currently learning about inherited and acquired traits in genetics. Next Friday, Sept. 16th, students will have a test on our genetics unit. We will spend the remainder of the month studying ecosystems.