WW2: Life on the Homefront

Shortages, conserving, and the duty of Americans at home.


Due to WW2, many things needed to be rationed at home to allow supplies, food, and more items to be made and sent to soldiers overseas. To do so, the U.S government shifted into "War Mode" to where it utilized the Office of Price Administration (or OPA) to freeze prices on goods, starting with sugar and coffee. War ration books and tokens where distributed to American families to dictate how much gas, tires, nylon, sugar, meat, silk, shoes, and other items they could buy, thus giving soldiers their fair share of supplies and food.


U.S citizens were religious about conserving supplies for troops. They had propaganda posters EVERYWHERE urging citizens to save things like rubber, gas, metal, meat, water, electricity, and other things. One very popular propaganda quote was, "You ride alone, you ride with Hitler.". What this slogan is saying, is that the more people you have in one car, the more gas and rubber you save, which helps the Allies win the war.


Even if you weren't on the battlefield, you still would help win the war. Not by gunning people down, but by conserving, rationing, keeping moral up and panic down. So, doing everything listed above. Plus your actual job.


Life on the home front was exactly what you'd expect from country in war. People tried their best to stay calm and productive. Life was scary and tough, but you had to do something. This payed off for the the U.S, and the Allies.


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