Famous Photographer

Anne Geddes

  • Anne Geddes
  • September 13th, 1956
  • Anne Geddes is a self taught photographer and dropped out of high school at the age of 17.
  • She started photography when she moved to Melbourne because of her husbands work.
  • Her picture style is taking pictures of babies and children.
  • Anne Geddes got famous world wide due to making her own "Cabbage Kids."
  • Won the familty choice award for her book, Miracle, from family magazine in 2005. Also won the lifetime achievment award from proffesional photographers of America in 1997.
  • "I feel as though Geddes spends a lot of time on set up. Geddes uses a lot of props in her work. Her props range from lily pads to tissue paper." I love how she dresses babies up in obscure costumes or puts them in a unique setting. I like how her photos are very bright. Also I like that some of her photos are backdrop-less and some of them have busy backdrops."
  • "welI have to honest. A lot of the images of newborns that are out there are not my cup of tea. To me, a lot of it is just painting-by-numbers. I personally don’t think my work is like that at all."
  • i enjoy her art its got 3 feels to them cute, funny, and weird i like how she has very vibrant colorful photos and that her photos are taken in a different manner than any other baby/kid photographer.
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