Grade 1 Newsletter

28th September - 2nd October 2015

Dates for the Diary

School Holidays - October 12th to October 24th

Town Hall Meeting Tuesday 6th Oct 7.45 am

Friday 9th October Children wear purple to school to support pancreatic cancer

ESPG Meeting - all welcome - Tuesday 27th October

Deepavali Dress Up Day - Friday 13th November

Christmas Fair - Saturday 21st November

  • Grade 1J Wo Nativity Play - Thursday 3rd December- 2.00pm - Music Room

  • Grade 1 HSy Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 8.15am - Music Room

  • Grade 1 AMo Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 2.00pm - Music Room

  • The Grade 1 Nativity Plays

    Please note the dates for the Grade 1 Nativity Plays. This is always such a wonderful way to close the year, and we look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible.

    • Grade 1 JWo Nativity Play - Thursday 3rd December 2.00pm - Music Room

    • Grade 1 HSy Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 8.15am - Music Room

    • Grade 1 AMo Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 2.00pm - Music Room

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    Highlights of the Week

    The highlight of this week was of course our celebration of learning. This is a special time for the children, parents and teachers. We thank all parents for attending and for your continued support.

    The Grade 1 Team

    Language Arts


    We have been learing about the Cafe Comprehension strategy of being able to recognise and explain cause and effect relationships, and have been working on making connections when we read. This involves relating to stories or poems we read by making connections with our own experiences, other parts of the text, or even another text we have read.

    This week, in connection with Writer's Workshop, we have also started to work on performing poetry. We know that poems can be read or performed! When we perform poems, we focus on our expression; using our voices to make the poems sound interesting - using the punctuation and spacing to make them sound the way that the author intended them to sound.


    We have just begun our new Writer's Workshop unit on poetry. The students have impressed us with their enthusiasm and we can already tell that we have lots of poets in our midst! Through this unit, the students will be learning about using language for effect, including through the use of sense impressions and other language features. They will also be learning about layout, writing poetry for the purpose of performing, and writing poetry around a central theme or idea.

    Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

    This week we have been focusing on ph (phone) and wh (whisk). We have been learning about the different sentence types (exclamation, statement, question, command) and have been working on including them in our writing.


    The handwriting for this week has been focused on the wl join, and we have continued to revise the formation of the letters of the alphabet.


    This week, we started our chapter on Multiplication and looked at how the concept of equal grouping is applied. We learnt the labels, "number of groups", "number of items in each group" and "total number of items".

    With a clear concept of grouping in mind, we saw how 3x2 (3 groups of 2) is different from 2x3 (2 groups of 3) in arrangement, even though the total number of items is the same in each scenario.

    We found that reading "x" as "groups of" gave us a much clearer mental picture of the arrangement, as compared to reading "x" as "times".

    Equal group arrangements can be expressed in 4 different ways:

    1. ___ groups of __ : for example, 3 groups of 2
    2. Repeated addition : for example, 2 + 2 + 2
    3. Multiplication equation: for example, 3 x 2
    4. ___ twos/threes/fours/fives/sixes...: for example, 3 twos

    IPC - The Magic Toymaker

    This week we have been planning a science investigation to compare how well toy cars travel on a variety of different surfaces. We have been making predictions and have spent time discussing what makes an investigation 'fair'. We have introduced the scientific concepts of gravity, friction and motion.

    Virtue of the Week: Cooperation!

    'Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.'

    Helen Keller

    This week the children have been working on showing the virtue of cooperation. We show our cooperation when we work together with others and support each other. Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their cooperation!

    Looking Ahead

    Next week we will working on the virtue of unity!

    Ring Pulls and Welly Wednesday

    During the October half term Rachel Crossland and Sally Baines are fortunate to be joining a high school trip and visiting Tondo, Manila, home of the Ring Pull Project. Please do keep collecting the ring pulls - each one makes a difference! We have pushed back the next collection date to 9th October so keep them coming in.

    Rachel and Sally are looking forward to coming back with an update on the project and sharing with the community the ways in which the SJIIES children are making such a difference to peoples' lives.

    We have an extra 100kg of baggage allowance and the Project are in desperate need of children's wellies and raincoats. As such, Welly Wednesday is going to take place Weds 23, 30 September and 7 October... bring in all your old wellies to compete in the joyful Welly Toss!

    Further details can be found in last week's newsletter and again this week.

    Thank you for your ongoing support for such an important cause.