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Digital Timers to Enhance Your Lessons


How many times during class do you find yourself looking at the clock thinking, "We're running out of time!" It's easy to stray off track, and even the littlest distraction can put us way behind. However, with the simple addition of a digital timer, lessons can be completed in the appropriate time and the classroom pacing will be kept on schedule. With the addition of students having Chromebooks, it is now even easier for these timers to be used. Below are a few of my favorite timers to use to ensure students keep appropriate pacing and that your lesson stays on track!

Let Google Help!

With just a simple Google search, finding an online timer couldn't be easier. Simply search, "timer for ____ minutes/seconds," and Google does the rest. Once you hit "Enter," the timer begins. Another cool feature of this is the ability to add a sound when the timer is up and/or make it full screen for easy viewing for any student in the room.

Let YouTube Help!

Similar to Google, a simple YouTube search for a timer will result in several different options. If you enter in a search of "30 second timer" on YouTube, there will be several different options. Imagine the uses with this tool! This could be used within the classroom as the lesson is occurring. Or, since you are able to embed videos in many different Google Apps, embed a timer on a student project to provide them with a visual on how much time is remaining to complete the assignment.

The Online Stopwatch for Classrooms

The online stopwatch is a wonderful tool for teachers to use to stay on time. The neat thing about this website is the customization of timers available. You have the option to have a candle burning out, a countdown to a rocket ship taking off, and even a swimming or track and field race. All can be pretty engaging and keep students focused, while paying attention to their remaining time.

Chrome Extension: Timer

This one is as simple as it gets. This extension sits up next to the omnibox and is easily set. It offers minimal buttons and set up time. If you'd like to add this to your Chrome browser, you may do so from the Chrome Web Store Extensions page.

Omnibox Timer Extension

If you're unfamiliar with what the Omnibox is in Google Chrome, it is the bar located at the top where the web address appears. There is a really slick extension known as the Omnibox Timer that goes a little further than the regular extension. Once installed, all you have to do is type "tm" and your time limit in the omnibox and the extension is activated. Then, once the timer has expired, a customizable message is read aloud. The default message is "Timer Done!"

SMART Board Timer

Even though SMART Boards are becoming more and more obsolete, they can still be great to display an interactive timer. Within the SMART Notebook program on your computer, there are two built in timers for you to use. If you click on the "Gallery" tab, you will then be presented a search option. If you do a simple search for "timer," you will see a few results. If you click on the new button entitled, "Interactive and Multimedia" your two options are present. Select one by dragging it onto the screen so students are able to see it!

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