Spiny Dogfish Project

Sam Bass

Spiny Dogfish

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Parts of the Spiny Dogfish Label #s

1. First Dorsal Fin

2. Second Dorsal Fin

3. Caudal Fin

4. Pelvic Fin

5. Gill Slits

6. Snout

7. Claspers

8. Pectoral Fin

9. Lateral Line

Organs of the Spiny Dogfish

Gallbladder-hold bile in the liver until it is used for digestion in foods.

Heart-pumps blood throughout the body.

Kidney-where waste is extracted from the blood.

Liver-produces bile that is used for digestion.

Pancreas-produces enzymes that help break down food.

Small Intestine-where the nutrients from the chyme is absorbed.

Large Intestine-where it water from waste is adsorbed.

Stomach-where food is dissolved and turned into chyme.

Esophagus-where food goes down from the mouth to the stomach.

Rectum-where waste exits from the body.

Claspers-used as a reproductive organ.

Lateral Line-used to sense tiny vibrations in the water, help with hunting prey.

Gills-where oxygen for the water is sucked up.

More Facts about the Spiny Dogfish

Their place in the Animal Kingdom.

  • K-Animalia
  • P-Chordata
  • C-Chondrichthyes
  • O-Squaliformers
  • F-Squalidae
  • G-Squalus
  • S-S. acanthias

Life Span:25-100!

Habitat: Cold and Warm temp oceans, tropical reefs, shores, Gulfs.