Cavalier Connection


Dates to Remember!

October 10 Class Ring Sales in LMC (All Day)

Class Ring Parent Night (Last Names A-M) in LMC - 3:30-6:30 p.m.

October 11 Class Ring parent Night (Last Names N-Z) in LMC - 3:30-6:30 p.m.


October 12 JF Theatre’s “Sense and Sensibility” - Auditorium - 7:30 p.m.

October 13 End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 14 JF Theatre’s “Sense and Sensibility” - Auditorium - 7:30 p.m.

October 15 JF Theatre’s “Sense and Sensibility” - Auditorium - 2:30 p.m.

October 16 JF Theatre’s “Sense and Sensibility” - Auditorium - 7:30 p.m.

Teacher Individual and Team Planning Day (Students- School Closed)

October 19 Club Day

Fall Band Concert - Auditorium - 7:00 p.m.

October 23 Report Cards Go Home

October 26 National Honor Society Ceremony - Auditorium - 6:00 p.m.

October 27 Homecoming Football Game - 7:00 p.m.

Homecoming Dance - 9:00-11:45 p.m.

Knights of Columbus FRIGHT KNIGHT

Haunted House and 1/4 mile trail through the woods

Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29

Dusk to 9:30 pm

Tickets only $5.00

*Any JF students who'd like to volunteer to help with prop construction or acting should contact Mr. Zaring in 3042 C.

Proceeds benefit programs to help the mentally and physically challenged of Central Virginia, including Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center, St. Francis Service Dogs, The Arc of Central Virginia, Lynchburg Sheltered Industries, and KOVAR.

Knights of Columbus

201 Sweeney Circle, Forest

Questions? Contact Dr. Rick Jaminet at 434-258-0347

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Outstanding Achievement Awards in Visual Arts 2016-17 School Year

Awards given to students who earned the highest grade point average in each discipline area include:

Art I: (four-way tie) Julia McConnell, Abi Monteclaro, Jack Peterson, Sophia Rosado

Art II: (tie) Christine Relleva, Sanni Sunnari

Art III: (tie) Rachel Manley, Hailey Woerner

Art IV: Juliet Hatch

3D Art I: (three-way tie) Tara Enneking, Lexi Plogger, Cassie Pelletier

3D Art II: Cameron Cox

BCPS High School Art Show 2017 JF Winners

JF students won many awards at the Bedford County High School Art Show last May. The annual juried art show, which showcased work by students from all three Bedford County high schools (Jefferson Forest, Liberty, and Staunton River), was held at the Bower Center on May 9 - 12. Congratulations to all JF winners named below.

Best of Show – Kendall Mullins, Liza, collage

Monochromatic Drawing (pencil, charcoal, ink)

2nd Place – Riley Tyree, Anomaly, graphite pencil

3rd Place – Juliet Hatch, Metamorphosis, ink pen

HM – Hailey Woerner, Personal Reflection, graphite pencil

Chromatic Drawing (colored pencil, colored pastel, colored markers)

HM – Rachel Manley, Sun-bleached Sunday, colored markers

Transparent Paint (watercolor)

3rd Place – Gabi Graziano, Flowers, watercolor

Mixed Media (more than one medium)

3rd Place – Juliet Hatch, The Deep, watercolor and ink pen


HM – Vanessa Kuhn, Fear of Drowning and Being Watched, relief print

Crafts (wood, fibers, glass, paper)

1st Place – Kiara Harrison, Egg Basket, wooden reeds

HM - Alissa Austin, Coil Basket; yarn, fiber flex cord, wooden beads

HM – Alissa Austin, Celestial Bowl, papier mache and acrylic paint

Ceramics (clay)

1st Place – Tara Enneking, Anthropomorphic Vessel, stoneware clay and glaze

3rd Place – Julia McConnell, Coiled Vessel, stoneware clay and glaze


HM – Alissa Austin, True Colors; plaster gauze, foam board, acrylic paint

Digital Photography

3rd Place – Juliet Hatch, Soundscape

Digital Art

1st Place – Juliet Hatch, Fantasy Character


Mrs. Jones’ 10th grade PE classes are participating in a new curriculum from the Spartan Edge program. The eight-week program is segmented into lessons that discuss topics such as resiliency, positivity, self-motivation, determination, social responsibility, and teamwork (Spartan Edge Manual, p. 6).

Lessons include discussions, scripted workouts, group projects, and summative assignments. The workouts are developed to help students train as if they would actually participate in a Spartan Race. Students are encouraged to push themselves mentally and physically to overcome adversity and obstacles, which translates to the life topics in each lesson. Pictured is Donovan Murphy, a JF 10th grader who participates with the Lynchburg Spartan Team. The team trains at the Academy of Sports and Fitness.

JF Clinic News

  • Vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings are being completed on 10th grade and transfer students (that were not previously enrolled in a Virginia public school). If there are any concerns found, parents will be notified. If a referral is mailed home, please notify the clinic of the outcome of the student’s follow-up visits.

  • The only medications that students can carry at school are inhalers, Epi-pens and diabetic supplies with the proper BCPS medical forms on file in the clinic.

  • Cough drops will not be administered by the clinic this year. Students are responsible for supplying their own but are not to share cough drops with other students. A BCPS medical form is not required for students to carry cough drops.

  • Flu season is around the corner. FluMist will not be given at school this year. Make arrangements to have your child/children vaccinated by their primary doctor or your local pharmacy. Consult with your health care provider for any questions or concerns about flu vaccinations. "The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses." (CDC, 2016)

  • Students with illnesses should be fever free for 24 hours (without fever reducing medication) before returning to school.

  • Thank you to the parents who have registered your child/children on CareDox. CareDox is the electronic charting system for the clinic. CareDox is HIPAA & FERPA compliant. If you would like to register, email CareDox at

  • We appreciate your understanding for requiring paper documentation in case of technical interruptions. An emergency card must be on file for students to attend field trips. Contact the clinic if you are concerned that an emergency card is not on file.

Feel free to contact the clinic anytime between 8:30-3:30. You can also email us any time: Ginny Reynolds, BSN, RN and Kimberly Whitlock at

Counseling News

Counselors are currently conducting senior interviews. During this interview, each student will meet with his or her counselor to review

the transcript, verify courses needed for graduation, discuss plans after

high school, also verify the spelling of the student’s name for the diploma.

  • Colleges come to JF throughout the fall to present to our students and to answer questions. All students who are interested in going to college can come to the Counseling Office to sign up for these presentations. There is a binder in the Counseling Office with all upcoming college visits. This is a great way for students to get information from different colleges!

  • Information on all scholarships that we receive is compiled into a list that is posted in government and English classes and on the JF website under the counseling link. This year the information will be emailed to those who provide us with their email address. The scholarship listing is updated weekly. Students and parents are welcome to come by the Counseling Office and look through the scholarship information that we have to offer.

  • Transcript release forms are available on the JF website under the Counseling link. Students will need a transcript release form for each school they apply to. Please be sure to turn this form in to your counselor at least two weeks before you need us to send it. Please do not wait until the colleges’ deadlines to submit your request. There is no guarantee it will go out in time. Any secondary school reports and/or recommendation forms/letters requests that you have must be given to your counselor with the transcript release form.

  • Transcript/SAT scores explanation - as many of you may have already noticed, the transcript is only showing one SAT score regardless of how many times you took the test. The code of Virginia states that we only show the highest composite SAT score. If you would like to have all of your test scores sent to the colleges you must contact College Board at

Factors in the College Admission Process -The National Association for College Admission Counseling has put together a great resource for understanding the admission decisions made at the most competitive schools. Feel free to use this resource when determining the importance of each step in the admission process.

New College Counseling Website

College Resource Website - This is an innovative new resource that was designed by students for students. It provides information about why to go, how to go and how to pay for college.

Navy/Marines ROTC Programs -

Any 10th grade student interested in attending the HOBY leadership conference at James Madison University June 2-4 should contact Mrs. Watson in Counseling. JFHS will send one student and will select one alternate student. Make sure you can commit to those June dates before you contact Mrs. Watson.

  • There will be a Financial Aid Workshop on November 6th at 4:30 PM in room TBA. We hope any students who are planning on attending college after high school will attend along with their parents.

  • The PSATs will be given on Wed., Oct. 11th to all 10th graders and to those 9th and 11th grade students that sign up. Students may sign up now (with Mrs. Jacobs in Counseling)

Fall SOLs will be given November 28th – December 6th. Students who still need to pass End of Course (EOC) SOLs from last year or students who have transferred to JFHS will be participating. EOC SOLs are given in the following subjects: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, World History I, World History II, US History, World Geography, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and English: Reading. Students and parents can access released practice tests for the SOLs at:

Sophomore Opportunities

BCPS has an abundance of opportunities for sophomore students! One of which is our Bedford Science and Technology Center which also houses the Governor’s School for Health Sciences. If you wish to be part of a field trip and learn more about the programs offered at BSTC, and/or the CVCC Early College program located in Bedford, mark your calendar for Friday, October 27! You will need to turn in a signed field trip permission slip (available in the counseling office) NO LATER than Thursday, October 12th! You also must have an updated emergency card on file with the clinic! You can find more information about the BSTC program offerings at:

Business and Industry Field Trips

JFHS junior and senior students will be given a rare opportunity to visit local businesses and industries. These field trips are intended for students who interested in a specific career field. Past field-trips included Areva, Sentry Equipment, Griffin Pipe, TEVA, Andrew Wireless and Southern Air, just to name a few! The next field trip will be on October 18th and students will tour Valtim and Innovairre. This field trip is for students interested in printing, marketing or manufacturing. If you are interested in attending this field trip, please see Mrs. Hogg in Counseling. Future trips include: November 15 – Health Science/Lynchburg College Tour and December 5– Criminal Justice/Law at the Bedford Police Department/Courthouse/911 Headquarters. For more information on the field trips listen to daily announcements, come by the Counseling Office, or look on the counseling website. Space is always limited, so please see Mrs. Hogg in the Counseling Office for a permission slip!

DO YOU PLAN TO TAKE A CVCC CLASS NEXT YEAR? College English (English 111/112)/College Pre-calc(Math 161/162)

JFHS offers a unique opportunity for students to take COLLEGE LEVEL classes at the high school. Currently, any student can take College Pre-calc (MTH 161/162) as long as they pass all 9 units of the CVCC Math placement test and they pass into English 111 on the CVCC English placement test. In addition, SENIORS can take College English (English 111/112) as long as they pass into English 111 on the CVCC English placement test and they pass into MTE 1 on the CVCC Math placement test.

Not only will these students receive 6 college credits per year for taking these classes, they can take these classes at a discounted rate. Bedford County Public Schools (BCPS) only charges families for part of dual enrollment course tuition. Under a tuition agreement with Central Virginia Community College (CVCC), the costs to the school division for these courses is 25% of tuition, and BCPS will charge that amount to families for these courses. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR JFHS STUDENTS TO EARN COLLEGE CREDIT AT A DISCOUNTED RATE.

Students can also take college classes at the CVCC Main Campus and/or the Bedford CVCC. Students must satisfactorily complete two semesters of a sequential college level class to earn one year of high school credit (e.g. English 111, fall semester and English 112, spring semester will satisfy the requirement for senior English at JFHS). Students can take college credits to satisfy portions of the requirements for an Associates of Arts and/or Sciences Degree at CVCC and are normally transferable to four-year colleges and universities (with a grade of a “C” or better) toward a baccalaureate degree.

In addition, students at JFHS can take career and technical classes at CVCC such at welding, culinary and machine tool. Students that participate in these programs must also take both the CVCC English and Math placement tests, but only need to pass into ENF 1 and MTE 1, respectively.

The parent/student is responsible for CVCC enrollment (first come, first served) and tuition, fees, books and transportation associated with a Dual Enrollment course taken at the CVCC campus.


Students enrolling in a dual enrollment course must meet all course prerequisites. All students admitted as dual enrolled must demonstrate readiness for college by meeting certain criteria. Every dual enrolled student must take both the English and Math portions of the Virginia Placement Test. (Unless the student provides official evidence of a Math score of 570 on the SAT and a minimum score of a 500 on both the critical reading and writing sections of the SAT.)

Requirements for Testing:

  • You must have a current CVCC application on file and a student ID Number (see below).

  • Bring a valid photo ID to the test

  • Paper/Pencil is provided

  • Cell phones and outside calculators are not allowed

Apply for Admission to CVCC:

  • Online at http:/ (you cannot take the placement tests until you have completed an online application)

JFHS will offer CVCC Placement testing on these dates:

Monday, November 6th (Parent/Teacher Conference - no school for students) - CVCC English Placement Test will be offered at JFHS @ 9 a.m.

Friday, March 16th (teacher workday - no school for students) - CVCC Math Placement Test will be offered at JFHS @ 9 a.m.

If you cannot take the CVCC Placement tests on these dates, then the student will have to take the CVCC Placement tests at CVCC's Main Campus or CVCC's Bedford Center. You will need to bring a valid ID and your CVCC student ID number to take the test. The tests are free and no appointment is necessary.

CVCC's Main Campus - Placement Testing hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (If you are taking the CVCC Placement Test, you need to be at the library by 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday; and 2:30 p.m. on Friday).

CVCC's Bedford Center - Placement Testing hours are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon

The Placement Testing Page of the CVCC website: has information on what is included on the test as well as a link to the practice test. The practice test can be accessed once per student ID number. Students need to make sure they use a valid email address on the practice test because if they stop before they finish, the instructions to log back into the test will be sent to the email address.

What is the CVCC Early College Program?

The Early College Program is a unique program offered by Central Virginia Community College (CVCC). It provides qualified juniors to complete their last two years of high school at the CVCC Bedford Center or the new CVCC Forest Center (at JFHS). Students may earn an Advanced Diploma and a two year Associate Degree in General Studies – 65 college credits – at the same time! Other advantages include: 40% or less than the cost of a state four-year school, it’s an academically accelerated program, it gives students a more competitive position in applying to colleges, and it gives students a head start on college and career plans. Students in the Early College Program have successfully transferred to: Liberty University, William and Mary, James Madison University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, US Coast Guard Academy, Longwood University, Radford University and the University of North.

How do I Apply?

Applications for 10th graders will be available in early January, 2018. JFHS will hold a student information session in December, 2017. We will also have representatives from the Bedford CVCC available in the cafeteria in October/November. Students and/or parents may contact Susan Hogg, JFHS Counseling Office, at 434 525-7305 x124 or you may call Mr. Pat Gatti, Director, Bedford CVCC, at 434 832-7286 for more information.

Important Dates for students currently taking DE classes at CVCC: Fall Break (no classes) – Mon-Tues, Oct. 16-17 Last Day to Withdraw (without penalty) – Fri., Oct. 27th Thanksgiving Break (no classes) – Wed.-Sun., Nov. 22-26 Classes End – Mon., Dec. 11 Final Exams – Tues. – Mon. Dec. 12-18 JFHS students taking College English or College Pre-calc at JFHS – Last day to drop with a grade of a “W” is October 26th.

Any JFHS student taking CVCC classes can use obtain a Student Identification/Library Card.

To obtain a student identification/library card a student may come to the Library or one of the CVCC Off-Campus centers.

The student MUST have:

  1. A form of government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) or a birth certificate or Social Security card if you have no photo ID AND

  2. A copy of your class schedule (you may print this schedule in the Library or see Mrs. Hogg in the JFHS Counseling Office)

After the information has been verified, a photo will be taken. No headgear may be worn, except for religious or medical reasons. No dark/tinted glasses may be worn. The student must wear glasses if he/she normally wears them.

Those who come to the Library will be able to receive their card after it is made at the circulation desk. Those who have their photo taken at an Off-Campus Center will have to wait several days before the card is made and shipped to the Center. The card is valid if you are currently enrolled until the expiration date on the card. There is no charge for the first card. If you need to have the card replaced for any reason within these years, there is a $10.00 replacement fee.

Any JFHS student taking CVCC classes can also take advantage of CVCC’s Tutoring Services:

The CVCC Writing Center

Located in Bedford Hall Room 3201

Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

CVCC Student Success and Testing Center

Located in Bedford Hall Room 3205

Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

CVCC Math achievement learning lab

Located in Merritt Hall Room 5217

Monday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

CVCC's Smarthinking

Free online tutoring: Anywhere, Anytime!


Planning for College

Sophomore Year

  • Make an appointment to meet with your school counselor to discuss courses for college preparation.

  • Work on developing good study skills and time management skills.

  • Join clubs and participate in extracurricular activities.

  • Take the PSAT to practice for the SAT.

  • Conduct research by visiting websites of different colleges, and attending College Fairs.

Junior Year

  • Research the entrance requirements for different colleges

  • Take the PSAT, SAT I, and ACT if appropriate

  • Take the SAT II if appropriate

  • Start thinking about what you might want to study in college

  • Look through the CollegeBoard Book of Majors and College Handbook. (In the Counseling Office)

  • Consider what type of college you would like to attend. Think about how much the size, location, academic programs, and social environment matter to you.

  • Make the effort to attend college fairs, sign up for college visits at JF, and visit campuses of colleges you are interested in applying to

  • Maintain good grades and sign up for challenging courses your senior year.

Senior Year

  • Take the SAT I in the fall for a second time

  • Take the SAT II if appropriate

  • Attend college fairs and sign up for college visits at JF

  • Decide on which schools you are applying to and plan ahead. (Note deadlines)

  • Make appointments with your counselor as needed to help you with this process

  • Attend the Financial Aid Information Night January 17th at JF

  • Avoid senior slump! Keep up grades as transcripts will be sent again to the college you apply to after the first semester.

  • Regularly check the scholarship listing and apply for scholarships (listings are on the counseling webpage, English and government classes and the Counseling Office.)

Start College Planning

You’re ready to embark on the journey of a college search, right? You probably have lots of questions.

Start by asking an admissions rep. Scott Ozaroski, associate director of admissions at Hawaii’s Pacific University in Honolulu, notes. “A brochure may list the majors offered at a school, but taking the time to talk to an admissions counselor can give you so much more insight. We can tell you what kinds of classes are included in the major, what internships might be available, who some of the interesting professors are, and what types of careers that major might lead to.”

If a school sounds like a viable possibility, ask these five fabulous questions.

Fabulous question 1: How would you describe the student body’s personality?

Each college campus has a personality, revealed through its student body. For example, some campuses are politically liberal; some are conservative. A student body might especially value the arts, or athletics or community service. This helps you determine if you might fit in well among your potential classmates.

Fabulous question 2: How is this school unique?

Each school has a unique story. Maybe you’ll learn about a newly developed internship program, an unusual curriculum or a special program for freshmen.

Fabulous question 3: How many students transfer to another school during or after their first year?

The answer to this question offers a glimpse into how satisfied students are. Sometimes a high transfer rate is high, ask why.

Fabulous question 4: How would you describe students’ relationships with professors?

Chances are, the admissions counselor will answer this question by first telling you who teaches undergraduate courses-professors or graduate assistants.

The counselor might also tell you about opportunities for students to collaborate with professors on research, or that instructors give out their home phone numbers to students.

Fabulous question 5: How do you award scholarships and financial aid?

Some schools require separate applications for scholarships; some simply award scholarships based on information in your application. You need to know not only how to apply for these awards, but also which qualities the scholarship committees weigh most heavily.

Often, colleges require that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A college might also have an institutional form to complete.

Excerpted from “5 fabulous questions to ask a college” by Hilary Masell Oswald.

College Visits

Below is a list of colleges that will be coming to visit JF. An updated list will be posted on the guidance website, the daily scrolling announcements, and the verbal morning announcements. The list changes frequently so check in the counseling office!

Stop by the guidance office to sign up no later than the day of the visit. A pass will be sent as a reminder the day of the visit.

Christopher Newport University

Friday, September 22nd

The College of William & Mary

Tuesday, September 26th

Roanoke College

Wednesday, September 27th

Hampden Sydney

Thursday, September 28th

Virginia Commonwealth University

Thursday, October 5th

Shenandoah University

Friday, October 6th

Lynchburg College

Tuesday, October 10th on-site decision

Virginia Tech

Tuesday,, October 10th

Longwood University

Wednesday, October 11th

University of Virginia

Thursday, October 12th

Radford University

Wednesday, November 1 on-site decision

Randolph Macon

Friday, November 10


Thank you to all of you who were able to visit the PTSA on Moving Up Day and Orientation! We encourage you to join the PTSA and volunteer for upcoming events. The PTSA provides teacher hospitality events throughout the year, along with our biggest production – The After-Prom Celebration. More information will follow. We also award one deserving senior a $1,000 scholarship. In order to apply for this, you MUST be a PTSA member. Enclosed you will find a membership form, a volunteer sheet and contact information for the PTSA

Board. Thank you for your continued support of the PTSA!

Patti Kese


2017 – 2018 JFHS PTSA Executive Board

President Patti Kese

Vice President Clarice Read

Secretary Susie Hubbard

Treasurer Angie Hollaran

Committee Chairs

After Prom- Patti Kese

Arts in Education- Leasa Torrence

Hospitality- Selena Booker

Belinda Scott

Membership- Teresa Wright

Ways & Means Selena Booker

Belinda Scott

Volunteers- Clarice Read

Please Join the JFHS-PTSA 2017-18

Membership Cost(s): $20 – Family $10 – Individual/Student $4 JF Faculty Member

Please fill complete the information below and bring to the PTSA membership table August 9th or 10th during orientation

Joining Member's Name

Student's Name

Student's Grade

Student’s 1st

Period Teacher

Make checks payable to: JFHS-PTSA

This form can also be turned into your student’s 1st period teacher who will forward it to the JFHS office.

Volunteer Opportunities

Joining the JFHS PTSA does not obligate you to volunteer; however, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. Please look below to see how you can help!

Send items in for hospitality

Volunteer to help out on teacher dinners

Send items in for student activities

Send Items in for After Prom

Work at After Prom

Decorate for After Prom