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How to find a good web design agency in London

London is a big city teeming with businesses. There are a lot of businesses in London which need web design and development work and at the same time there are an equal or more number of web design companies offering these services. So much so, a business looking for a web design company in London can be overwhelmed with the amount of businesses offering these services. There should be a scanning process that a business must use against each web design company they consider so as to shortlist the best:

1) The physical presence of the web design company in London: It is common to find web design services advertised in the newspapers, yellow pages, directories etc., Most of these are actually freelancers who are just a one man army. They can only take up a fixed amount of workload and can do only those projects which meet their limited skill sets. This means if they get more than two projects at one time, they would take a lot of time to execute their work. Some freelancers outsource their work to other freelancers they know or post the project on bidding websites to get the work done. In this situation the client suffers the most as their project gets late and the quality is rarely delivered.

The web design agency in London should have an office in which you can visit their staff and see your work in progress first hand. A team of designers, developers and online marketers can simultaneously work on multiple projects at one time. Each team member has his or her own individual experience and skill set to offer. This allows the team to handle different projects on time, maintaining highest quality standards and produce fast and affordable result. If you look to cheap ecommerce websites you should prefer well establish company because these site need maintenance and updations .

2) The SEM experience of the web design agency in London: Having a good looking website is not enough. You also need to market it on the internet. If you work with a web design agency that also have experience in search engine optimization London, they will make you aware of the importance of online marketing and include its cost along with the development cost so that you can budget everything. Look for graphic design London that offer everything under one roof. It is better you eliminate those agencies which just offer web design and development as a standalone service.

3) Past experience: A very important factor to consider is to see if the web design agency in London UK has any past relevant experience in the project that you have. They should have done at least two successful projects having scope similar to yours and should be able to show you that. If not, then they will make your project a learning experience for them.

4) Customer focus: Web design agencies that are customer focused should always be considered. They will listen to your vision about the site, understand what you want, focus on your goals and target your customers. A company that is not focused on customers will not be able to help you realize your long term and short term goals.