George Read


What state did he represent?


What is his job? How old was he at convention?


Lawyer, Public Security Interest, Lending and Investments,Planter and Slave holder.

Yes He signed the Constitution


  • Attorney General 1753
  • Served as Delaware's first Senator

What did he do to help america gain independence?

Gave proority to state responsibilities.

Was George Read professions useful for creating a constitution?

Yes, he presided over the Delaware Constitual convention , in which he chaired the drafting committee and began term as speaker of the legislative council

What ideas did your delegate come up/agree with?

Argued saying to amend the articles was simply putting old cloth on a new garment.

Why would your delegate's state want independence?

He actually voted against it.

What was the state main exprts

When the declaration of independence was finally adopted, read signed, joining the cause in spite of his natural caution.

How would the constitution benefit your delegate or state.

The congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes.

One unusual fact about George Read

He is the only person who signed the constitution twice

One usual fact about your delegate's state

George Read was an Episcopalian