Anti-Jewish Propaganda

The lies of the NAZI Party

The propaganda was made and thought of by NAZI Propaganda Ministers (shown below)

The job of the NAZI propaganda Ministers

The job of the ministers was to evoke fear into the Jewish raise, while also being able rouse the NAZI nation to rise up and to take out what they believed to be a " Disease to their nation".

Jews, a plague or a blessing?

This picture depicts a lone mushroom with the Star of David on his chess. When the words on it are translated it comes out at about that he is poison. This was a major belief of Hitler, he thought that the Jews were a blame to all of Germany's problems. Because of this attitude he would pay the price.

Hitler the ultimate Jewish Hater

This poster shows the devil wearing a mask that looks like Hitler. Also, upon his forehead is the Star of David. This poster was probably used to try to sway the faith of the Jewish people and to try to bring the utter loss of their faith and also their hope.

When and Why were these posters created

The posters and signs began to be created at about the time that Germany was coming out of its Economic depression. The many Germans that lived their at the time were usually poor and without work while the many Jewish entrepreneurs were rich and had so much money to spare and yet they did not. Hitler disliked their greedy outlook on life and began to rise up and put all the blame of the economic corruption and depression on the Jewish people. Many people liked this idea and joined his ranks making the beginning of the NAZI ruled Germany.

By: Patrick VoWaldner

Thank you for reading my page go yourself and look up some of the information and the pictures and find out yourself some of the horrible things that have happened. I challenge you to make your own opinion and decide why the NAZI's mainly blamed the Jews and not and other raise.