The Privyists

A private group for the greater good

Why should you register as a Privyist?

Do you want more freedom from the government? Do you want things to be more privatized so you can have the opportunity to make your own decisions? Well then we are the party for you! We believe in an America that is full of opportunity with citizens that have rights granted by God, not the government.

How do Privyists feel about social security?

We believe Social Security should be privatized so you can invest or save your money in the way you feel is best for you! If you join our cause and get us into office we want to change the system. However, we are not about leaving people for the wolves. Anyone that is 45 or older when we enact the new plans for social security will still have the government run option.

What about Immigration?

We want to extend amnesty to the immigrants currently living in the United States by granting them what we call "Partial Citizenship." This will allow them to loose their status as illegals, but not grant them all of the rights of a regular citizen. Because they gain their citizenship through this process they have a ten year waiting period where they cannot benefit from government services like welfare or food stamps or vote. This shows that we don't want to help the illegal immigrants for the soul purpose of gaining more votes. After this mass influx of citizens is taken in we will tighten border security and decrease the number of immigrants accepted each year for the necessary period of time.

How about Faith?

We feel that prayers should be allowed in public schools so long as no one is forced to participate. To determine whether or not prayers will take place from school to school a vote will be taken from the student body. If more than two thirds agree that they would like to have one the student body must then decide where they would like to have prayers. We also feel that religion may be taught in schools as long as it is taught alongside other religions, or the course is offered as an elective.

Our thoughts on Tax Reform.

We do not believe in raising taxes on the wealthy. We feel that the government should learn to spend more wisely with the money that it has rather than tax the wealthy more to make up for over spending.

The Privyist opinion on Health Care.

We believe in a completely privatized health care system with no government interaction at all. Whether or not you want health care or what plan you have is up to you or your employer, not the government.

Contact your local Privyist representative for more information!

Raylen Welling