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The volunteer breakfast was outstanding!! Mrs. Thorson really outdid herself along with her trusty sidekick Rick. (I think Mrs. Gebert roped him into being a Watch D.O.G. next year!) Where do I even begin? The 1st grade greeters were the best I've seen. They took their job very seriously. Our volunteers felt so appreciated this morning. The decorations were adorable...especially the food cards labeling the Super Hero food, and the food...heavenly! Rice Krispie Treats, biscuits and gravy...Oh My! And the choir...the sweet! Loved the solos. Thank you, Ms. Iverson for bringing out such talent in our kiddos. Last, but not least, thank you to all our teachers and staff members who volunteer their own time to help with yearbook, PTA, dance, etc.

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Thank You

A huge thank you to Stephenie for stuffing envelopes, filing important info in cums, readying end of the year forms, etc to help teachers. She is integral to making things run smoothly and easier for teachers as the end of the year approaches. Thank you for all that you do!

Another huge thank you to Heather Grim for ordering supplies, checking in orders, and delivering all the goodies to teachers. Without her dilligence, this task would not be possible. She truly cares about making sure teachers get the things they need to do their job.

Upcoming Dates

May 29th- DRA due with sticky notes in data room/pink and blues due/EOY Dance 6:00 PM

June 1st- Kinder Graduation at 9:00 AM/3rd Grade Field Trip/ELA Module 6 3:20-4:20 PM

June 2nd- 1st Grade Awards- Holt and Thorson 12:30 PM/1:05 PM Wright/Harris/Dunn

June 3rd- 2nd Grade Awards- 10:00 Linder, 10:45 Bolton, 1:00 Richey, 1:45 Main

June 4th- 3rd Grade Awards- 11:00 delValle, 1:00 Wyman, 1:40 Graves, Parker, Davis

June 5th- SOAR Assemby at 8:00 AM in gym/4th Grade Awards 10:30/11:30 ish 4th Grade Clap Out/Early Release noon/1:00 PM in library- Staff Lunch

Building Relationships

Tip of the Week

May 29, 2015
Issue #358

Building Relationships: Reflect, Remember, Plan Ahead

Allison Behne and Joan Moser

Students work hardest for teachers they like and respect. When I’m asked, “How do I get the students to like and respect me?” my immediate response is, “Like and respect them first.”
—Dr. Debbie Silver

In Karen Shannon’s third-grade class, students know they are special. She works hard to build a relationship with each student. These special relationships create a bond between teacher and child that result in mutual trust and fondness. The process of building relationships takes time. It begins the very first day of school and continues through the last day.

One of the things Karen does to continue building relationships between her students and herself, even as the school year is drawing to a close, is called Teacher for a Day. During the last month of school, each child is given the opportunity to be the teacher for a day. Karen has a special desk in the front of the classroom on which she clearly posts the Teacher of the Day's name. She then trusts the students to lead class discussions, write on the board, create the anchor charts, and run the basic operations of the class for the day. Each and every student is given this opportunity, and she has yet to be let down as students rise to the occasion knowing their teacher trusts them to do the job well. It cements the student's knowledge of how much she trusts them, and builds fond memories that will likely last a lifetime.

As the school year draws to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on the relationship building that has taken place in our classrooms over the course of the year. This reflective process allows us to think about the year to come. As we consider the many ways we have worked on building relationships and trust over the course of the year, we jot down what has gone well and what we want to change. We keep track of this thinking in a document on our computer, by posting a note on our bulletin board for when we return from the summer, by taping a note to our computer, or by writing in a reflection notebook. By jotting our ideas down when they are still fresh, we are able to pull out our notes before school begins, allowing us to replicate and build on what went well, and remind ourselves of what we want to change.

Here are some reflection questions to ponder:

  • At the launch of the school year, what activities jump-started relationship building with students?

  • Is there a specific student with whom I didn't feel I had a strong relationship with?

    • What are two reasons that may have happened?

    • What are two specific things I could have done differently to enhance the relationship?

  • What did the students enjoy most about the year? Ask them. Their responses provide great insight into what creates and builds on these relationships.

After reflecting, join us on the Discussion Board to share your ideas and learn from others. Then, take a few minutes to read the following article from NEA on Building Relationships with Students.