Louie Zamperini

By: Clancy Scott

Basic Facts:

  • Born January 26,1917 in Olean, New York
  • Grew up in Torrance California
  • Had 2 sisters and 1 brother
  • Went to the University of Southern California
  • Ran 5000 meters in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin (8th Place)
  • His brother was his coach
  • He met Hilter
  • Louie died July 2, 2014 (age 97) from pneumonia
  • Married Cynthia Applewite in 1946 and had 1 daughter
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World War 11

-Hitler was planning to take over Europe

-Louie never ran in the 1940 Olympics because the stadium collapsed by Soviet Bombs

- He was forced to register for the military draft, he chose the Army Air Corps

-On May 27, 1943 the plane plunged into the ocean

-He and 2 others were on a raft for 2000 miles with typhoons and sharks

- He was out at sea for 47 days

- Japanese captured him and Russell Philips

- They were taken to a Japanese torcher camp

- Louie was forced to run against an Olympic Japanese runner, he won!

- Zamperini was beaten, starved, and did medical experiments on him

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Wonder Question- How did Louie Zamperini never give up during his hardships?

- God was Louie's motivation to live

- He wasn't apart of a religion

- Louie made a vow that he would serve heaven forever

- Prayed

- Never gave up

- Running helped him

- He saw the hand of God

"Never give up no matter what" -Louie Zamperini

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How Louie Zamperini inspired me:

- He inspired me to never give up

- To forgive people beause he forgave those who torched him

- Runners have been inspired to run harder

- Christians have been inspired to believe in god

- To be kind to one another

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