Natural Disasters: Floods

By: Zaid Almansuri

Where do floods come from?

Floods are common disasters. Floods usually occur in dry areas. One dry area is the Mississippi. Floods may come from river, lakes or seas. Lakes and seacoast do even more damage.

What do floods do?

Well the land is kind of a sponge so if it can't hold the water it will overflow and make a flood. Floods also are very dangerous because they killed people and animals like cows and horses. Also they will be soaked with water. In Mississippi the flood was about 45.5 feet. People at Mississippi lost homes from just a flood. Also farm lands got flooded too.

Places that have been destroyed.

Facts about floods.

  • There was floods in 2004 the floods name was a tsunami.
  • Also there was a flood in 2005 the floods name was hurricane.
  • Many places got flooded like houses, farm lands and more.
  • The U.S. waterway was most damaged in the past century.
  • Some floods are helpful.
  • Tsunami comes from earthquake from under the water.
  • When there is a flood get extra supplies.
  • Also when there is a flood get to a high place.
  • You can swim or ride a raft go away from it.
  • You can drown in a flood.
  • Floods can destroy homes.
  • Floods can also destroy citys or towns.
  • People and animals may die in a flood.