Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, Mrs. Frye & Mrs. Marcks

September 4, 2020


This week we have been getting to know each other and establishing a classroom community through various fun activities. Every morning we start with a community circle. In addition, we spent time learning and practicing the be statements (school rules). They are: be respectful, be responsible, be kind, and be safe. We also focused on learning classroom procedures and building routines.

Please take some time to read over our third-grade handbook. It has a lot of important information from what your child will be learning in third grade to expectations and procedures for this year. (You will find the link at the bottom of the newsletter.)

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Language Workshop

In Language Workshop, we have been working hard at intentionally adding on new conversational moves that will help to invite and encourage all students to share their thinking as we unpack the books collectively. We are learning that together we know more. Therefore, the importance of encouraging all voices to be heard and learning to agree and disagree with civility are at the forefront of elevating and growing our thinking.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader’s Workshop, we are working on selecting books that are just right and learning to self regulate our independent reading time. We will begin our home reading log in the very near future.

Writing Workshop, Word Study & Phonics

Today our students will be bringing home a digital assignment about the origins of their first name. We know that selecting names for children sometimes have fabulous stories behind them. So, have some fun with this assignment, learning and sharing about where their name comes from.
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Math Workshop

These first couple days of math your student learned that math truly IS all around them; from telling time, baking and cooking, collecting and saving money, to taking their temperatures every day. After organizing their 2 math notebooks, we began with unit 1 which includes graphing. So, if you happen to see a graph in print, and it is kid friendly, please discuss it with your child.

Second Step

Our Second Step lessons revolve around the social-emotional learning of our third graders. This week, we focused on how to be a respectful learner as well as how to ask for things you may need. Skills for learning that are enforced throughout our classes include focusing attention, listening, being assertive, and using self talk. This vocabulary is used throughout Rose Glen! You may notice some home links that are sent after we complete a lesson. These are simply to stimulate discussion between you and your child. Home links are not necessarily homework however, we do encourage you to sit down and complete them.

THANK YOU families!

Thank you for all of your support this first week! We really appreciate that students have come prepared with all their supplies including masks each day. We have taken some time this week to discuss health and safety at school. Here is how we’ve talked with our class about being a “germ buster”. Each day we focused our learning on one area and we will keep practicing/reinforcing to build good habits.

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