Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter





PBIS Meeting 7:35


BLT Meeting 7:30

Retake Picture Day

No activities scheduled 6-8


First Quarter Potluck


First Quarter Ends

Staff Potluck

Two Hour Early Release Day K -12

Staff Happy Hour/Shakopee Bowl 3:45

8 No School - Teacher Planning Day


12 Staff Meeting/Gifford Cluster 7:30

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board/GRANTS) 6:30-8

13 3rd Grade Dress Rehearsal 11-11:30 (all classes invited)

15 I-Team Meeting 7:30

3rd Grade Music Program 2:00

18 Send Report Cards Home

19 BLT Meeting 7:30

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

20 PBIS Meeting 2:30

Culvers Fundraiser Night 5-8

21 Costco in Staff Lounge 7:15-8:15

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

22 I-Team Meeting 7:30

25 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30

26 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

5th Grade Pow Wow Music Trip 10:10-11:30/HS

Jackson Pride Bingo 2-2:45

27-29 No School - Thanksgiving Break

A note from Pete...

I want to thank everyone for their support with the fundraiser and giving Kevin and I an opportunity to be decorated as sundaes. The kids had a ball, from what I hear(chocolate sauce and silly string were kind of blocking my view), and just as important we got some more funds to do some great things at Jackson. The clean up was not that bad, not my first go at this, but thank you to those who were concerned. : )


*Thanks Sandy for getting the staff Trick or Treating on the calendar!

*Thanks Char for setting up the meeting about Tier time and helping to get clarification.

*Thanks to Jeff Triest for always going to the meeting with the superintendent and representing Jackson.

*Thank you Mrs. Blad for being such a great coach and helping me be a better teacher.

*Thanks to Kevin for stopping by to check in on how a student in my room is doing and for acknowledging his improved behavior! It really makes a difference!

*A HUGE thank you to Kathy Clark for her diligent efforts to track down student records from another school. Your hard work helped us understand a student’s educational background.

*Jackson Staff-Thank you for sending out the green and red Giving Tree notes.

*Thank you Luci for the caring way you handled a student’s question.

*Sarah-Thank you for helping with the Giving Tree this year, even after I forgot to change your last name on the teacher note I sent out.

*Becky F-Thank you for making phone calls to previous schools. It took your entire prep time, but it was worth it to understand a student’s educational background.

*Thank you SO much to Chris Wahlberg for fixing my phone/computer issue!! You are a life saver!

*Thank you to John Bauman for bringing me my fabulous new shelf.

*Thank you to Jeff and the 5th grade team for embracing my new shelf.

*Thank you to Wendy for giving me my new shelf!

*Thank you Kaitlin for helping me get my email contact groups going again!!!

*Thank you Luci Drill for running our assembly! You are a great cheerleader.

*Thank you Martie for organizing and planning our assembly! It is always awesome!

**Thank you, Amy, for catching up with a union chat! I appreciate all you do for teachers in the district!

*Thank you, Barbie and Stephanie, for getting our ENVoY visits set up!

*Thank you, Becky B., for sharing your writing paper with me, it has been a game-changer in my room!

*Hengel, thank you for sharing the summary assistant.

*Boumeester, L & B! WOWZERS – during the school day! Thanks for the field trip!!

*Drill, you are a natural cheer leader! Well done as an MC! Ready for November?

*Anglin, you plan our assemblies and share your creations. THANK YOU!

*Schleper, ‘pew-pew’ thanks for the laughs and lessons!!

*Kevin, Pete, Stephanie, & DeAnn, thank you for being in cahoots with my children! They did surprise me!! The children were quite pleased with themselves. Thank you for being so approachable to our children!

*4th grade – you make me feel loved! Thank you for the birthday lunch!!

*Sari Flatness, Jen Rothstein, Jody Koci, Alex Fischer, Megan Henke, & Dan Olson, thank you VERY much for allowing Abby, practicum student, to observe you and your students! She returned from each observation with new ideas and appreciation for the art of teaching!! THANK YOU!!

*Hengel - Thank you for picking up candy for 4th grade breakout boxes.

*Boumeester – Thank you for always sensing when something isn’t quite right

*Keller – Thank you for finding my chicken. We are glad to have her back!!!

*Drill – Thank you for leading the 4th grade assembly…You’re hired!

*Luci stepped up to lead a 4th grade assembly, which is more than I have ever done. Way to try something new!

*Thank you, Sandy, for coordinating the Giving Tree every year. This is one of my favorite Jackson traditions.

*Charlotte, thank you for making the sign up sheet for our 4th grade fall party. This little step made a BIG difference in my life!

*Kristi and Charlotte, thank you for buying last minute supplies for my marshmallow challenge teamwork activity. You saved the day!

*Thanks, Martie, for setting up guest readers for November for our whole team!

*Schlep, thank you for teaching me to shoot lasers on my phone!

*Pete, the buffalo cheese dip was the best thing I ate on Halloween. Please make more for the staff pot luck!

*Pete and Kevin, thank you for being good sports and going along with the principal sundaes. The kiddos loved it!

*Jenny Larson, Thank you for welcoming me into your class so I can use my free moments serving our students. Patty

*Thank you, Wendy for getting my bingo cards laminated in time for the Harvest Party!

*Thank you Martie for always sharing your lesson plans with me! I’d be drowning without you!

*Thank you Boumeester for setting up the fourth grade staff trick or treating table and for picking up cookies for all of our kids to decorate! You’re the boum!

*Thank you Schlep for showing me how to teach my kids a math lesson!

*Thank you Hengel for picking up enough candy for our fourth graders’ YS lesson next week!

*Thank you Charlotte for showing me a really awesome read aloud book that I can’t wait to read with my class!

*Thanks Kaitlin for saving me a monster cookie.

*Thank you Amy Rutter for lending me one of your books to read to my fourth graders this week!

*Thank you to Kim for dismissing my class so I could sneak out and get to the doctor on time!

*Thanks to Reiersgord for kindly giving me a book that she had an extra of AND for letting me borrow the BINGO set! Thanks, Rah!

DLC Quick Tip - How much screen time should kids have each day?

A teacher approached me and asked, "How much screen time should kids have each day?" To be honest, I loved hearing this question because it means that our school is thinking about our students' entire academic experiences and how it impacts their physical, emotional, and social health. At Jackson, teachers do not just put students on iPads randomly to fill time. I see teachers being thoughtful in how they incorporate technology to meet specific learning goals.

So what do academic articles say about screen time?

There are many different articles that you can read. Many of them will affirm the fact that not all screen time is created equal. So we cannot simply say how much screen time students should have in a day. The question is answered more with the ideas that quality of screen time is more important than quantity. Studies also talk about how technology can be used and integrated in a classroom to improve the 4 Cs...creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills.

While in my master's program, my professor challenged our class to see the various types of screen time. He used the categories of "consuming" vs. "creating". Students can learn from things on a device as a "consumer".

  • Watching a video tutorial to learn a new skill
  • Reading a website to learn about a place somewhere else in the world
  • Using an app to practice math fact fluency

But if that is all we allow our students to do on the iPad, we are missing out on some of real power the devices can hold for our students.

When students are given a chance to create on their iPad to show their understanding, they are using so many powerful (high-level) thinking skills. They have to first understand their topic. Then they need to brainstorm ways to show their learning, which requires students to apply their learning in a new situation, organize it so it makes sense, and create a product that someone else can understand. During that process, students also need to evaluate their work so they can improve and refine it.

As a whole, our building is doing well at working technology into the classrooms. I encourage you to reach out if you want to try something new and creative in your classroom. I would love to walk alongside you and your students to make it a positive experience for all.


11/8 Jeff Triest

11/13 Jeff Hager

11/23 Dan Olson

11/30 Tiffany Hall

12/3 Kathy Clarke

12/3 Kathie Rue

12/4 Carolyn Apfelbach

12/8 Kim Hackel

12/8 Marty Schmidt

12/9 Diane Crist

12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller

12/11 Alexa Plouman

12/12 Brooke VonBank

12/16 Luci Drill Mellum

12/18 Lexie Schilling

12/24 Noel Reinke

12/25 Brandie Rush

1/1 Bev Wuollet

1/2 Jeanne Meyer

1/4 Sandy Boyce

1/13 Rachael Schweigert

1/17 Jeff Casey

1/18 Kelsey Angell

1/21 Matt Malaske

1/24 Sari Flatness