A Peek at the Week

Mrs. Leitzel's Class, 3-9-15

Class News

Our class is on a roll! We are happy to be the Box Top/Labels for Education winner for last month and March is Reading Month Trophy winner for last week! Remember to turn in at least 1 reading ticket by Friday.


  • Word Study: popcorn words, Words Their Way, & weekly word study routine
  • Writer's Workshop: draft a book review
  • Read Aloud: pirate books, wondering about nonfiction
  • Reader's Workshop: author's message, problem solve words using these strategies: pictures, glossary, chunks, and context clues
  • Math Workshop: Expanded Method and Ungroup First Method for subtraction, subtract from 200
  • Science: mixing and separating solids and liquids

Tech Tip

Mega Math: Country Countdown: Block Busters, Level R


  • Wednesday: Late Start, library books due
  • Friday: word study & popcorn test, word study homework due
  • Friday: Wild Swan Presentation permission slip and check due
  • Look for math homework this week! Watch the videos on my blog so you can help your child use the methods taught in class.