Candygram Sale

Brought to you by ESSO's Exeter Microfinance!


Organic candy canes with personalized messages and P.O. delivery! Wednesday, Dec. 12- Friday, Dec.14, Meetings, Lunch, and Uni Free

What do the profits go toward?

We make small, short-term business loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries! When the loanees pay us back (which they almost always do, we have a 0% default rate!), we loan out the money again. This encourages the loanees to become self-sustaining and it means that $50 can make a $500 difference after being loaned out 10 times! We have made over 100 loans to people all over the world, 80% of which have been women. Check us out at:

Join us at 7:00 every other Thursday in Room 316 of the Phelps Academy Center!

Upcoming Events

We will be partnering with Doc Film Club to show "To Catch a Dollar," a documentary about how Muhammed Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in microfinance in Bangladesh, brought his ideas and principles to Queens, New York. Coming to you this winter!

Contact for more information!