Oil Spills

By Jacob Flynt and Chris Gomez

Main Idea

Oil spills cause harm to the environment either it be jobs or animals. Once a oil spill happens its hard for things to become normal again.


Oil spills can harm or kill animals in the environment that the spill occurs in. The spills are extremely difficult to clean up if one happens. Oil spills can effect food chains , habitats ,and mostly marine life is the most effected, because most of the spills happen in the ocean. This can ruin seafood busnisess fo people.

Location and Cause

Oil spills happen mainly in the gulf coast or bodays of water. This can slightly effect League City by not having enough seafood if a certain fish came from where the spill happened.Oil spills mainly come from tankers because of explosions or pipe failures. They can fix these things by checking evrything on the ship making sure its ready to go.


The sites we used we google and google images , and wikepidia