Diary of Anne frank

By: Kyle Baumgartner

Good vs. evil

In he diary of Anne frank, the theme "good vs.evil",is seem throughout. There were lot of times that that Anne didn't have hope. She didn't see the point in hiding anymore. The she thought "the Americans have landed on the southern tip of Italy. Father looks for a quick finish to the war.(pg.418)" This is Anne's hope. That they will be rescued and she will survive. A example of the theme Never give up hope...

In the diary of Anne frank, the theme “Never give up hope”. The were times where they were furious at eachother but Mr.frank said “For two long years we have lived here, side by side. We have respected each others rights...we have managed to live in peace. Are we going to throw it all away? I know this will never happen will it?(pg 419)."

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Anne frank

The symbol that represent Anne frank is a air horn. I did this because she is loud and annoying. She annoying almost everyone. She is very loud like a airhorn.
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