Fundamentals of I.T.

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Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT) is a trimester-long, 7th grade course taught by CTE instructor Mrs. Hernandez. During the next 3 months, students will explore and apply many Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles.

Parents: Please set up an Edmodo

Please set up an Edmodo account for quick access to our course announcements (including homework and classwork updates) and Mrs H's Q and A system.

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Expectation Update!

Please keep in mind, other than MrsH's formal, directed teaching of games on Thursdays, Games and gaming and YouTubing is NOT ALLOWED in class during any other day. Please remind your child of this VERY important class expectation. Thank you!

This Week's Homework:

Students must turn in their signed syllabus and write Mrs H a friendly handwritten letter (both due Friday 3-20).