Growth of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts By: Drew Welsch, Section 3

Calligraphy and Panting

Calligraphy, was written with paper and brushes. Each character is panted with a set of different brush strokes. Each character has multiple shapes and sizes that stand for different meanings.Brush panting on paper scrolls with ink. Typical Japanese designs are very detailed. they depict landscape,historical events, and daily life.

Flower Arranging and Gardening

Buddhism brought many traditions. Flower arranging was one tradition it brought to Japan.The art of simple gardens and arrangements. Bonsai are miniature trees or shrubs that where grown in small pots or trays.Zen gardens where built to unlock inner peace. Zen gardens where built with only a couple rocks some grass and a rock. Zen gardens and other spiritual gardens where used to unlock inner peace and to focus on something.These gardens are found all over their world and are beautiful places.


This shows how Japanese gardens look and when they date back to.
Japanese Garden

Essental question

What themes are reflected in Japanese arts?


How did Japanese culture reflect an interest in natural body.