The Anti Cyber-Bullying Alliance

It isn’t big to make make others feel small

What is Bullying?

Bullying is when you cause Physical or Mental damage to the actual person. You can go as far as making them commit Suicide. You put them in Despair and Depression, and threaten them in some way of not consulting to their Peers of People who can help them. Bullying can Occur on Any Device or Anywhere.


What is Online Bullying?

Online Bullying, it is one of the ways people target you without being caught easily. Online Bullying is when you get targeted by someone or some people who dislike you in some sort of way. They then will start teasing you through the Internet, just so they wont be caught. Online bullying is also when you receive mail making you feel small and depressed which leads to bad endings. But it isn't bullying if its just only once and ends forever, thats just because the person must have needed some stress relief. It is when it happens continuously non-stop.

This can happen not only on social media sites, But even Messaging, Mail, and even Blogs (comments).

Think twice before you type

Step up so others won’t get stepped on.

How To Avoid Online Bullying

To Avoid online bullying, You should minimize your privacy to as minimum as possible. This Includes your age Your Real name, relationship status and personal details. You should not just add anyone as a friend, as you should know who you are adding as a friend, because they may be a stalker, a bully or even someone Dangerous, and if you are bothered, or need extra Security, you can install an Anti-virus software.


Don’t be mean behind the screen

How to Prevent Bullying!

Most people, they don't say anything to their parents when they get bullied or cyber-bullied. So they are Wrong, because nothing will change and you will not get any more better. They bullying may go worse, you may get depressed and start thinking or suicide. BUT to prevent bullying, you just have to tell someone, Somebody that you know will help you with your troubles. Like you parents or teachers at School or peers. This will help you and prevent the bullying. Ignore the the bullies, Block them out. Stand up, don't give up.

Take a stand. Lend a Hand